No drivin' in Dorchester Bay

Truck in the bay

State Police and BFD raced up and down 93 to the Dorchester Yacht Club around 10:10 a.m. when a dump truck swerved off I-93 northbound, careened down an embankment and wound up in the water by the yacht club.

They got the driver out; are now figuring out how to get the truck out. Booms were brought in to contain fuel leaking from the truck's tanks.



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The Truck

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Question you take the truck out today?..Traffic a bit lighter because of the Holiday or take it out at night?

Take it out as soon as

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Take it out as soon as possible to minimize the amount of fuel that leaks into the water


Traffic a bit lighter? I was

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Traffic a bit lighter? I was stuck in traffic from the Braintree merge to the accident site for about three hours.


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I bet the driver will say he was just following his GPS.


Maybe he didn't see the water there

It isn't wearing day-glow plankton for high visibility. Oh, and the state reduced lane miles by not building extra lanes over the bay, amirite?

Because it isn't ever the fault of simple bad driving or distraction.


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No surfin' either.