No more bellowing on W. 3 Street

Bellows on the move in South Boston

Dale Cruse watched a procession of equipment outbound from 45 W. 3 St. in South Boston, from which Cliflex Bellows Corp. is moving to Tennessee. Its plant will, of course, be torn down and replaced with 164 luxury residential units under plans before the BRA.



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TN mmmmmm

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I wonder why?



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Honestly, enough of the rental units and 1-2 bedroom condos.

We need single family townhomes and/or 2300 sq ft condos.

SoBo is at a crossroad. We can either turn into the Allston/Brighton frat scene or the high end South End scene.

I vote South End.

- The Original SoBo Yuppie


I think Southie crossed into the young professional fraternity/sorority scene a long time ago. I've been spending time in Southie for about 15 years and your neighborhood has taken a decided turn towards bros and bro-ettes in that time. Bye Quencher, hello Local 149 and Lincoln Tavern.


I think Southie crossed into

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I think Southie crossed into the young professional fraternity/sorority scene a long time ago

I don't agree. it is nothing like allston/brighton...and we should keep it that way.

and to all you frat boys who own condos, you should agree with me. the more rental units and 1-2 bedroom condos that are built the more diluted YOUR property value will be. So if you plan on selling your current frat house or renting it will only hurt you if more rental units go up or 1-2 bedroom condos are built....

- The Original SoBo Yuppie

They will when UMASS-Boston

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They will when UMASS-Boston expands. There are Suffolk students in the North End...which is why I didn't buy there.

No more bellowing

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If you think you closed yhe Quencher you didn't. The Quenchet wax jammed until tbs day it closed. The owner retired. Sorry big guy

You really are insufferable.

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And you don't know what you are talking about. Ask yourself how many single family homes are being built in the South End today.


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How much do you think a brand new single family in south boston would go for?

...a crap load of money,

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...a crap load of money, which will add a non-frat boy household to the neighborhood. Build more single familly homes!

- The Original SoBo Yuppie

it's not so much the physical

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it's not so much the physical single family home. its more of adding non-frat boy households to the neighborhood. the fewer frat-boy households there are, the better...which is what the south end has.

building single family homes abd 3 bed room condos with 2300 sq ft. accomplishes that.

no more rental buildings of any kind!
no more 1-2 bed room condos!

2300 Sq ft

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That's 1.6 million at today's mRket rates.


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Looks like Landmark center lately, and more is going up.

MBTA desperately needs to do something with Broadway station, as it's quickly not going to be able to handle the traffic around there. They actually have a police officer and cones out in the middle of West Broadway as of late to keep opposite traffic away from the center line and allow the buses to turn.

Whoever had the bright idea to allow parking on both sides of the street there didn't think it through.


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Even double parking on both sides of the street was always allowed there. It wasn't until the density and the dense people came along did parking become a problem.



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The dunks double parking was always a problem too. Was a self correcting problem when a bus making a wide turn came around the corner too fast.

Moving to America..

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I can see why that company will be moving to Tennessee. It's a Red State which means it's still America down there. Any company that remains in Blue/Socialist Massachusetts is a glutton for punishment in the form of over the top regulations, sky high taxes, fees, permit red tape, and unions. It's too bad more condos are going into that spot but it's difficult to fault Clifex Bellows Corp for moving to where an American business is appreciated and not looked upon as evil because they actually want to make a profit.


Not sacary

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Not scary Adam, just foolish and sad.. Why am I here? I consider myself doing work similar to missionaries who go to jungle locations and make it their life's work to help and enlighten the backwards natives..


Foolish and sad indeed

Relative to the rest of the country, our higher educational level, income, and employment and our lower levels of divorce, teen pregnancy, out-of-wedlock birth, and obesity, must seem backward indeed to you. Toss in decent crime statistics and, relative to other states, a middle-of-the-pack tax burden, and it's should be obvious to anyone with a brain in his head that we really know how to screw things up.


Spoken like a true

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Spoken like a true northeastern snob who buys every phony stat that the Boston Globe and Deval Patrick feed the public. Look beyond this Socialist state's borders and you will actually see America. But, maybe you really don't want to see it. That saying "Ignorance is Bliss" might be your problem.

Northeast Snob? Oh but it's

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Northeast Snob? Oh but it's okay ti kick us out of Ametica and say a lot if other ridiculous things. And there is an interesting article that you can google called Arizions vs Ma. And then look at the difference in Taxes and The well Bri f and education. Fool.

America is good..

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Absolutely not.. I love America. Someday when/if Massachusetts joins the rest of this country I might even love Massachusetts.. In the mean time, it's like living in the Old Soviet Union..

Getting out of Dodge

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Any manufacturing business with a CEO with half a brain would know that Massachusetts is the place not to be. You don't have to go to Harvard Business School to know this.


Hate to break it to you

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But any CEO with 1/4 a brain knows they're going to China.

Deep south isn't going to be much help for these guys. Might buy them a few years and a better balance sheet to dump the company on someone who will outsource it; otherwise they'll be undercut like everyone else no matter where they are in the US.

Friend mover to North

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Friend mover to North Carolina, but still has a Patriots vanity front plate. Told him to put on the Rebel flag instead. His property tax went up last year, increased his bill by one cent.

Not sure if you've noticed,

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Not sure if you've noticed, but Massachusetts has lower unemployment, higher earnings and better over all quality of life than the Country as a whole, and certainly over TN. Don't you think all the people buying these upscale condos have high paying local jobs to be able to afford them? The reason Clifex bellows needs to move is because they can't be profitable paying Mass workers a living wage. Cost of living is lower in TN, so workers can earn less. The loss of Clifex Bellows isn't an indication that the business climate here is bad, just the opposite in fact. Were replacing an outdated factory with much needed housing for highly skilled professional who want to live in the city they work in.

In what way do people and

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In what way do people and government here calling businesses evil? Please tell. Have you noticed that tbis city is booming and thrive. Everybody thSt goes to work every day thinks their employer is evil because they make a profit? The downside is how expensive it is to live here. And housing prices Re always through the roof in places that hate jobs. The South has attracted s lot if manufacturing. But there are other industries. Biston and Cambride is largest center if the new life science field and our tecc jobs have become a big part if our economy along with all if the stuff we've always had like schools and hospitals. They have no idea what it's like here but that would be the day I'd be calling a bunch if rednecks Real Americans. Instead of their stupid Loser flag they should fly s white one.


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Ran fidelity out of the state


How, specifically?

(I'm not defending him, not a fan at all, but I'm curious as to what actions of his "ran fidelity out of the state.")

Reports of Fidelity flight

... are exaggerations.

It's still mainly where it always was, Merrimack NH and Boston, but it has expanded to other regions.

It has been under performing in some sectors like the Magellen Fund and the new trading platform is crap according to a friend who has used it forever.

When faced with losses, companies are known to seek lower costs. The culpability of Pat Patrick's kid seems a bit of a stretch but the Herald readership is known for its factual elasticity.


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They wanted a taxpayer subsidy, Patrick said no handouts.

Got a friend that now commutes north, and he's said Fidelity hurt themselves pretty bad with the move. A lot of people left or started looking for other work around Worcester/Boston.

They lowered their costs, but killed their institutional knowledge.

But it's all good, the executives that got Johnson to sign on will be long gone before the feedback loop hits.

Which end of the hammer?

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Most graduates with a college degree don't even know what bellows are, never mind how to manufacture one. That's why they call a plumber to install a washer in their garden hose.


Jeez from Charlestown to

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Jeez from Charlestown to Eastie to Southie more upscale condo's for the $100,000 a year income yuppy, more than ever the neighborhoods in Boston are lacking local jobs..What these neighborhoods need mostly are retail/Food industry outlets, not housing, there is enough housing to go around..neighborhoods need employment generators especially for the youth .

Damn straight.

Half of these idiots probably wouldn't even know what to do if their horse lost a shoe on the way to work, or how to start the fire in a coal furnace. Their education has left them useless for the real world.


Curiosity is your friend

..whatever it may do to cats.

And so I looked at the website after the initial WTF?/Bellows? reaction and discovered they are a type of aerospace high tech thing.

Which makes sense.

The manufacturing sector here is a high tech thing mainly held together by Defense Department procurement rules which require military stuff to be sourced in the US.

It's not like we are going to get our drone and cruise missile parts from China.

It is a Ted Kennedy/Tip O'Neill era gift that keeps on giving to many paycheck recipients scattered in smaller high tech fabrication shops around the area. Then there is the GE jet engine plant in Lynn which seems to be staying put.The same applies to Raytheon.

But we stopped making low value stuff like shoes here decades ago, for the most part, and this stuff wants a bit more skill. Rolls Royce has an amazing shop on the South Shore that makes propellers for large naval vessels.


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And you don't get your taxes done or have your money invested by a plumber. College isn't mandatory but it's pretty pathetic the way the right wing ridicules it. Anyone think they're not sending their kids? And to whoever mentioned MA driving Fidellity out - it must moved all those jobs to one of those non-commie, Real American states, right? WAIT. MINUTE! What are all those Fidelity people doing in RHODE ISLAND? And as someone else pointed out: sometimes the state decides to let a company go by not giving them every thing they are demanding. That's not being forced out by higher taxes. It's both sides making a calculated decision r