Noisy, blinking package shuts JP street; turns out to be a bag of stolen alarms

Oliver Young reports he called 911 when he spotted a "package blinking and making noise in the bushes" around 7:50 p.m. on Sigourney Street near Robeson.

Police shut the street, the bomb squad arrived, looked around and determined it was "just a bag of alarms," he says. "Shoplifting. A bunch of them. Five or six in there."



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      Thank You! - I Don't Frequent "Big Box" Stores ...

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      ... so that type of alarm didn't immediately come to mind, especially when the headline said "stolen alarms". I suppose the alarms could be considered collateral thefts, but the actual stolen items were obviously something else.

      Name checks out

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      I believe you.

      But seriously, what would be the point of a bomb that made bells and whistles to tell you where it was and bring attention to itself? The only thing I could think of is some kind of "look over here so I can blow more people up" device. But that's stupid because the first person is going to do like this guy did and call it in.

      The purloined IED

      They could also glue a couple of gears on it and the bomb would be mistaken for a steampunk contraption!

      I gotta say, if I saw a

      I gotta say, if I saw a package that was blinking and making noise in the bushes, I would call the cops too. Because, um, there's a strange package blinking and making noise in the bushes.

      Until the day that somebody

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      makes a bomb that blinks and makes noise, which is then ignored by everyone (until it goes off) because of people like you who presume that bombs aren't made that way.

      When that day comes

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      You get to say I told you so. But it also has to be a black sphere with a burning fuse coming out of the top.