Now here's an idea: Reserved seating on the T

Reserved seating on the Red Line

How much would you pay for a guaranteed seat on the way to and from work each day? Roving UHub photographer Kate got on the Red Line at Central Square this afternoon and was surprised to see a couple of empty seats with these little notes on them. Test run by the T or a joker running loose?



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    I'd say Joker

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    also, might I add those labels are non-binding. Unless there is an actual official Transit Police notice or officer there to tell us that we can't sit there, we can sit there. Of course, if it's the priority seating, we should yield it to seniors, the disabled, pregnant women, etc. tl, dr; I think those labels are non-binding.

    yea but

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    did the card say anything inside?

    Maybe it was a promotional thing or a new way for people to pick up those church cards I see everywhere. Maybe you'd flip it over and it'd say.. "You have a space reserved in heaven. My Fair Immaculate Lady Church. 1000 Some Street. Cambridge, MA" or something silly like that, just to get you to look at it.


    If the cards were placed on the T

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    by a church, wouldn't a more appropriate message be "Think this ride is bad? There's a space reserved for you in hell if you don't repent your sins."



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    If you pay $6 you get a seat and a curated beverage. The peons have to stand.


    Saw the headline

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    And automatically assumed it was about the hot new trend in jackassery: sitting in the aisle seat, leaving the window seat empty, while people have to stand. Sure, I could ask them politely to slide in, but I find it a lot more enjoyable to stand there and imagine their fiery deaths.


    Smells like a psychology

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    Smells like a psychology experiment to me. Bet there was somebody nearby timing how long the signs were respected.

    And if it wasn't a psychology experiment, it totally should be one.



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    It's obviously a joke you gaggle of dumbasses