The first to assemble

First paying customer at the Assembly stop on the Orange Line in Somerville

At 5 a.m. today, the MBTA opened the new Assembly station on the Orange Line (the first new T stop since the T opened the new version of the Orange Line south of Chinatown in 1987). Stuart Spina was on hand and captured Ruthy Rickenbacker becoming the first paying passenger at the station.



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ah yes, but...

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Who gets the bragging rights to spilling the first [fill in the bodily fluids] in the station??


I'm sure...

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...that there's a joke here about seamen....but I'm not so crass as to go there....


Colored stripes?

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They look as if they are orange stripes! Crazy. Welcome to the 21st century, T.

Yes, the fare gates are new

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I went to work by way of Assembly Station this morning. The fare gates are, indeed, different. The stripes you mentioned, and the Charlie Card targets are orange instead of black, and even the affirmative ding that sounds when your card registers is a little different.


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Orange for Steve Grossman! Go Steve!

Now if they could run a bus to the station

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The T in their infinite stupidity have not adjusted the 92 and 90 buses to stop at the station even though they both stop at the K-Mart in Assembly Sq.

Getting the T to change a bus route is impossible. Take for example the 99 bus that terminates at a hospital that CLOSED 15 years ago. How hard could it be to extend the route to downtown Stoneham????