Pair of homeless guys charged with Cambridge housebreaks

Cambridge Police report arresting two men they say were spotted by an alert resident going through a Mid-Cambridge apartment building checking doors yesterday.

Police say Allen Bolden, Jr., 32, and Danavian Daniel, 21, of no particular addresses, were found in the Harvard Street building with various burglarious tools, a couple of laptops, jewelry, cash, a medical bill that belonged to a resident of the building and an iPad traced to another address on Lee Street a few blocks away. Police also noticed fresh pry marks on several apartment doors, consistent with just the type of flat-head screwdriver they say one of the two had tucked into his waist.

Police say they are unsure how the two got into the building, which has a front door with a buzzer, but said there was no immediate evidence of forced entry. At Lee Street, police also found fresh pry marks and the absence of cash that used to be there.

Deputy Superintendent Paul Ames praised the resident who called police: "That led not only to a pair of arrests, but halted what could have been a pattern of additional housebreaks."

Innocent, etc.



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    So Allen Bolden Jr. is in the

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    So Allen Bolden Jr. is in the sex offender registry for "rape of a child with force." And here's Danavian Daniel, just two years ago, getting caught with ten bags of pot after using a replica gun to rob a woman of her iPhone in Brookline. A couple of fine, upstanding citizens here.


    Got an address?

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    I live on Harvard St "a few blocks away" from Lee st, and I'd love to know where they were operating.

    Unfortunately the Cambridge

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    Unfortunately the Cambridge Police logs, at least the web version, only list the street where incidents happen.

    It's fairly meaningless to give a location of "a Mass Ave. business".

    I'm not sure why they do this. Privacy concerns? But since they name streets that are only one block long, like Marney Street, they should also be able to specify the block for longer streets.

    200 block

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    So somewhere near Columbia. Police wouldn't get more specific for, yes, privacy concerns.

    Thanks. Where did you get the

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    Thanks. Where did you get the block number? It's not on the CPD website, nor in any news reports I found.

    Wow. Now I'm freaked out.

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    Wow. Now I'm freaked out. That's my block.

    The CPD used to offer much more specificity. Really can't see how listing the specific building here would harm any investigation, given that both suspects are already named and in custody.

    Insecure properties

    I had a "random" casing my office after hours, and it turned out that the front door was not secure.

    Which leads me to speculate that the police don't name specific addresses because their security could be compromised - either damaged by the burglary or already not working properly.

    If you saw that burglars gained entry to "200 Oldeadguy St." without force and broke the locks on unit blah or got in to the units with just a screwdriver, and you were similarly inclined, you would have a nice target until they were able to upgrade the security.

    That's better than nothing.

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    That's better than nothing. But you do realize that we don't use the 100-numbers-per-block system in the Boston area?

    So does the 200 block really mean within one block of Columbia? Or does it mean somewhere in the 200 to 299 range, which could be anywhere in the half-mile between Columbia and Lee?

    Here in the US, we have this thing called "The Constitution"

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    Got to protect the civil rights of career criminals.

    Indeed we do. That's part of what makes this America. Committing a crime should be grounds for arrest, prosecution, and (if found guilty) prison or other appropriate sentence. It shouldn't be grounds for the automatic revocation of all civil rights.

    If you want to live in a less "namby pamby" nation, I believe that China and Iran (amongst others) are accepting applications for citizenship. Or North Korea. North Korea would be good.

    Yes, you do actually.

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    Unless you'd like to read us the section in the Constitution where it says "if you commit x number of crimes, you lose your civil rights" or "civil rights are reserved exclusively for nice people/good guys/people we like or know personally."'s like you.just.don't.