Permanent PDA spreads to the Public Garden

Love lock in the Public Garden

Boston Strolls spotted a love lock permanently affixed to the Public Garden bridge (or at least until somebody from the parks department arrives with a bolt cutter), wonders when this became a thing in the Public Garden. Until now, local love locks had been confined to the bridge over the turnpike at Mass. Ave. and Boylston Street.



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Get it off, get it off

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That crap ain't cute. The Pont des Arts in Paris went from being the most beautiful bridge in the world to the ugliest over the course of about three years. Congratulations on your love, hopefully it will last; but try to get your attention-seeking fix from Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, rather than by vandalizing one of the few truly beautiful places left in the city.




I also wonder about loading up those bridges with all the extra weight from those locks. I'm no structural engineer, but all that extra metal has to have an effect.

Hopefully, Parks will snip that thing off by tomorrow.


I'm sure the weight is negligible

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But padlocks belong on ugly chain-link fencing, like the bridges that cross the Mass Pike, not on the beautiful Public Garden bridge. Cut 'em off.

There's a bunch

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on the bridge over the Mass Pike at St. Mary's Street, that connects BU Central to South Campus. They've been there for years, they're ugly, and I hate them.


St. Mary's

The first place I started seeing this here on a regular basis was the Pike overpass on St. Mary's St. by BU. I think that the east side of this bridge is Boston and the west side is Brookline. Would make for an interesting study in contrasts for how quickly the locks get removed, that is, if the bridge isn't a MassDOT asset.

I love that bridge

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Favorite part of my afternoon walk from work in nice weather. I'll go vigilante and remove those locks myself if need be.
Ain't gonna happen on my watch.