Police fish shots out of a barrel, also guns and a bulletproof vest

Talk about your community guns. Boston Police report that "pursuant to an ongoing investigation and prior information" drug officers today went to the park at Thetford Avenue and Evans Street, looked inside a particular trash can there and pulled out a backpack containing: One Smith and Wesson .44 Magnum; one Smith and Wesson .38 Special; one Colt .357 Magnum; one Interarms .38 Special; a bulletproof vest and a box containing 46 live rounds.



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Good job guys. 4 guns off the street is a win.

Gun Control

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I'd love to understand the # of the guns that were registered to law abiding gun owners, I'm guessing none. Gun control kills.

Think about it

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All of those guns began their lives in the hands of legitimate gun owners. How did the criminals get their hands on them? Maybe those legitimate gun owners were victimized. Maybe they were negligent. Maybe they were complicit.

Second Amendment zelots don't want the accountability that would allow us to understand which of the above is true so I am going to draw my own conclusion.

"don't want the

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"don't want the accountability that would allow us to understand which of the above is true"

Actually the DOJ/FBI/ATF/state police already can tell us exactly where our illegal guns come from without your pre-confiscation registration scheme. They've been tracing and compiling statistic for decades. But don't let facts get in the way of your anti-civil rights agenda.

Actually they don't

Actually the ATF does not know where most of the guns come from. Want to know why? Because the federal and state laws are set up in such a way that the systems can not talk to each other. There is no central database that any agency can go to to track the lineage of a weapon, so they have to track them all manually - by calling the last registered owner, then finding out where they got it, then calling there... all the way back to the gun shop, asking them to pull the papers. Manual labor. Want to know why? Because the NRA has blocked all efforts to create integrated systems. Want to know how I know? My ATF agent friend told me.

Widely reported

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You don't need to talk to an ATF agent, it's been reported quite a bit. Do a search for "NRA blocks gun data."