Police: Guy named Frank stroked wiener on Riverside trolley

Transit Police report charging Alexander Frank, 21, of Framingham, with committing self service while staring at the woman sitting next to him on an inbound D Line trolley around 9:45 a.m. on April 8.

The woman exited at Longwood; Frank did not get off there.

Police say detectives nabbed Frank yesterday at Riverside station. He's scheduled for arraignment today in Newton District Court on a formal charge of lewd and lascivious behavior.

Innocent, etc.<.>



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This guys

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a week late and a camera short.


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I heard he did the same thing waiting for the green line at Forest Hills but never came.

Frank did not get off there

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Frank did not get off there

Or perhaps he did, in which case inspection of the car with UV light and then DNA analysis may seal the case against him.

Man, it's getting to the point where I feel that I need to wear a protective suit to ride the T.

Was the page break

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Was the page break intentional at "Frank did not get off..."? (You should say yes regardless of whether that was actually the case.)


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But no, not really :-).

Page breaks are probably the only thing that is driving nuts about the current version of the software I use. The old version had this really nice, simple feature where you put a "break" tag where you wanted the story excerpt to end. Naturally, they took that out in the new version because they could.


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Or because of the long wood.


If he only had friends to tweet or facebook with to occupy himself with on a hand held mobile device, but that would require having friends not minding socially inappropriate behavior.

Come on...

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You're slipping, Markk.

He can't tweet or Facebook while he's driving his car like all good citizens should always do.

I just don't get it.

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I am a woman of a certain age and I still just don't get it. What is the appeal? I've had this happen to me a few times in my life. I remember a guy flashing me and a group of 12 &13 year old teen-aged girls in Rozzie Square way back when. He was literally naked underneath a trench coat. We were so grossed out and ran away giggling! Another guy did this to me on a train in France, when I was in my forties, right in front of other people. I almost slugged him.

Pervs, Listen up! I know this is not your motivation but this behavior is not attractive to women.


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I read a story about this a while ago. Interviews with guys that have been arrested for stuff like this.

It's not that they think that women would find it appealing. They generally know that it isn't. Their motivations are (some mixture of the following):
1) they just can't express their attraction to a woman any other way
2) it's an overwhelming urge
3) they get a thrill by doing it

I don get it either

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This has been a problem that men have had for many decades. My Nana told me about flashers when She was a girl. The MBTA always had gropers I would just walk to downtown so I did not have to deal with the pervs. Thankfully people talk about it now it was shameful to admit it happened to you years ao

More shock than awe

I would think. For some it could be an extra thrill like sex in public, in the bathroom, in a bedroom during a party etc. Others don't care what others think, its just about them enjoying themselves, like just being nude at a beach or their own back yard. Many motivations, so can't guess.

What none of you know and

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What none of you know and what every article has failed to mention is that Alex is autistic. He is not a pervert. It is an incredibly unfortunate situation but he just is simply unaware that this is unacceptable behavior.

He knew

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Alex is not autistic, he as aspergers. There is a difference. He was fully aware that it was unacceptable behavior, he just doesn't care.

Thank you

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This guy was my roommate at school a couple of years ago, and I just wanted to say thank you to all who commented--this comment thread has made my day. I couldn't stop laughing for over 15 minutes! I never liked the kid much. He tended to be very annoying and rude, so this was utterly hilarious!