Police: Man with Porsche steals credit card, uses it to wash his car, buy hockey equipment

Wanted: Porsche

Lexington Police report they are looking for a guy who spotted a credit card sitting on the ground at a local self-serve car wash in December, then picked it up. He used the card to buy time to wash off his Porsche, then raced over to Pure Hockey in Burlington, where he used it to buy more than $1,000 worth of hockey equipment.

Police say he's a white guy, about 6' tall, add:

More notable is the vehicle a Blue Porsche Cayman possibly a 2006 -2009 no front plate on the vehicle.

So if you know anybody in an exotic German sportster with a lot of new hockey equipment, let Lexington detectives know at 781-863-9324.



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    I'm not a cop but this shouldn't be too hard to narrow down.. if the guy is a MA resident.

    No front tag means he has a old green license plate that is still in existence. And I don't think there would be many two door blue Porsche Cayman's on the streets of MA. This would narrow it down to less than 20 (maybe even less)..

    And honestly if he owns a Porsche Cayman, why is he stealing a credit card..sheesh. Times must be tough...


    Front tag may just not be on it

    No front tag means he has a old green license plate that is still in existence

    A lot of people with sports cars like this just don't put the front plate on because it looks like crap. Illegal? Yes, and it won't pass inspection. But owners just put it on for inspection, then take it off. Cops are pretty good about noticing the missing front plate, too, and will cite you.


    no front plate = cop. Same with tint, illegal lights, etc.

    "No front tag means he has a old green license plate that is still in existence. "


    Or he's a cop. Every time I walk by a vehicle with no front plate, dollars to donuts (get it? get it?) there's a ticketbook/patrol cap on the dash/front seat, and a "thin blue line" sticker on the back somewhere or a tiny MSP sticker. A buddy worked as a car dealer and sold a cop an brand new German sports luxury sedan. Cop told him "no front plate." Dealer said "Gotta put the front plate on." Cop threatened to go to another dealer if they attached a front plate. "OK, I'll just tape it on so we meet the requirements."

    First thing the cop does is rip the front plate off and toss it in the trunk. Second thing he does is pull out a small ice-cream-cone-shaped (triangle on the bottom, semi-circular top) decal that says "Massachusetts State Police" and slap it on the upper left corner of the rear window. "Ooo, you gotta get me one of those", the dealer says. "Yeah, we don't do that. That's for us", cop says.

    Cops also love completely illegal level of window tint (it's well known among car enthusiasts that some shops break the rules for cops) and illegal blue flashing lights (they're not legal in MA on personal vehicles. Never have been.)

    "Do as I say, civilian!"


    I doubt even the dumbest of

    I doubt even the dumbest of criminals would drive around an intentionally attention-getting bright blue sports car. Since the Cayman has an MSRP of around $60,000, I imagine this car was the result of someone's rich parents.