Police officer collapses at police academy, dies

Officer Dennis Simmonds, 28, collapsed shortly before 1 p.m. at the academy on Williams Avenue in Hyde Park. Fellow officers started CPR and paramedics rushed him to Boston Medical Center, where he was pronounced dead.

Simmonds was a 2009 graduate of the academy and a member of the Youth Violence Strike Force.

The Boston Police Department adds :

Officer Simmonds was honored at our most recent Boston Police Relief Association Awards Ceremony, earning the Department's highest honor, the Schroeder Brothers Memorial Medal for his bravery during the initial Watertown shoot-out following the 2013 Boston Marathon bombings.

Officer Simmonds will be greatly missed by his friends, colleagues and all members of the Department. Funeral arrangements will be shared as soon as they become available.



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    Thanks, fixed.

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    Unfortunately, the first reference I saw to him left off the 'd.'

    Remove his name please

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    Please remove his name. He has a lot of out of state family and friends.

    Remove this from the list

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    I am a member of the family. His grandmother had not been notified of his deat which is why the family wanted to temove this information. His parents were travelling to MA to tell her and it would be better if she heard about it from the parents before she heard it anywhere else

    His Grandma reads UHub?

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    Oh, it was in the Globe about an hour later ... and on the news casts at lunch time.

    Adam reported released information.


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    For better or worse, his name was already out there - I saw it in a tweet that was linked to by another tweet from a police commander.

    What is the issue here?

    His name was released to the press - it will be in the Herald and the Globe soon enough. That usually is not done until family has been notified.

    It isn't as if Adam was chasing the ambulance and asking "what's his name! I need to put it out there so the whole world (that reads my blog) will know!"


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    May God keep Ofc. Simmonds