Police: Outraged shopper goes outside to find homeless person's shoes to throw at store clerks

Wicked Local Cambridge reports how one international student used somebody else's shoes to vent at employees of a Central Square store she felt had wronged her.



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      why isn't this person named?

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      Or arrested, for that matter?

      Is it because they're female? Or some rich snot whose parents had a fancy lawyer convince Cambridge PD to not act?

      Left before police arived...

      ... more than likely. Since no one was injured, unless she returns (unlikely), the shop folk won't know who to press charges against.

      She'll have to learn to wait in line, or she'll be back in the papers. And I wouldn't count on overseas parental units having a lot of sway in Cambridge District Court.

      Diplomatic Immunity?

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      Shoe throwing is a big diss in parts of the Arab world. Makes me wonder if she is one of the many lovely brats being educated in the area who know they can get away with anything, including murder?

      not likely

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      with Cambridge PD and courts. Diplomats' kids, that is another (international law) thing entirely.


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      It's possible she's under 18.

      from Iraq, I wonder?

      apparently throwing shoes is a common form of insult there -- remember when someone threw one at George W. Bush?

      remember when..

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      someone threw a shoe at Hillary Clinton in Las Vegas?

      How did they know she was an

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      How did they know she was an international student as opposed to any other visitor (or resident) without having identified her, I wonder? Unless she was yelling "I am an international student!" while shoe-throwing; but I suppose anything is possible.

      Cursing in a non-english language...

      ... and complaining in broken english. The clerks said "international" which usually means they couldn't identify the language.

      I've been in those lines a few times, but usually in more touristy places (read: Newbury Street). And they still told the privileged twit potential customer to get back in line.


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      is out if control in the rudeness department. Every other individual thinks their caca smells like strawberry shortcake. Boston is tame by comparison.


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      Every year -- over the last 6 especially - it's become worse and worse in Cambridge.
      Students in school and who stay to live here for that matter - male and female -- ram me on the sidewalk. Even when they're looking directly at me and I'm as far over to the right as I can get. B-line for the bump. My mother's remarked about this numerous times and she's seen a lot of years and a lot of generations of college students come through. I've a litany of "unbelievable" behavior I've experienced in what should just be getting from point A to point B without incident. With blind people with walking sticks/canes. Don't get me started.

      Public Service Announcements and Visual Displays

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      RE: Keep on the RIGHT HAND SIDE walking, going up and down subway stairs, etc. COMPLETELY out of control. People walk down the middle of crowded sidewalks and literally won't move to let others go on the opposite direction and get pissy when people respond negatively to their rudeness, people running down the left hand side of stairs OBLIVIOUS to those coming up, etc. and again, they usually get pissy with those trying to civilly get by by them.

      WHAT IS THE EFFING PROBLEM HERE? I don't understand why so many (by my observation overwhelmingly transient non-natives) are clueless in basic civility in an urban environment. And it's all socioeconomic classes, if anything 'poor' people are the most politite. Absolutely pisses me off, and it gets worse every year.