Poor dog can't read, but neither, apparently, can his owner

Dog in the South End

Pilotblock captured the scene outside a South End Starbucks this afternoon.



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    Why are dogs

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    so cute looking?

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    Watch Cosmos

    They had a whole piece of an episode about this.

    They are cute looking because we want them to be and fed the cute looking ones that hung around with us.

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    The alternative is to take

    The alternative is to take the dog into the shop, where food is being prepared and served I love dogs but I can't stand this behaviour. There is a woman who brings a dog of size into the Dunkins on Newbury quite often that proceeds to jump on the counter and get in the way of customers in line. Regardless of store policy, that can't possibly be legal (except if service animal).

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    That's the alternative?!

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    No, the alternatve is to NOT get your frappucino (c'mon, no one in the South End gets simple coffee anymore) until after you bring your dog home. You can do it! All you do is finish walking the dog 2 blocks, bring him inside, and then go back for your frappucino. That's the alternative. You can delay instant gratification - it really works!

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    Poor little pooch

    ..looks miserable. They are pack critters and their human is fearless leader.

    There is no more wretched situation than to just be ditched somewhere even if it may be for a short time.

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