In righteous indignation, he put quill to paper ...

Well, actually, he pounded out some e-mail, but whatever: The Globe reports a board member of the Beacon Hill Neighborhood Association threatened unspecified action against the state last year if it didn't immediately rip up the concrete-and-red-plastic handicap ramps it placed around historically important Charles Circle, which is dominated by a modern, glass-sheathed Red Line station.

State officials snorted in reply.



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    The colour complaining people

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    The colour complaining people spend $20 at the hardware store to purchase some concrete stain/dye/paint and treat the concrete to the match brick in the middle of the night.

    Give. It. Up. Sorry, I'm

    Give. It. Up. Sorry, I'm really having a hard time seeing how helping blind people find the sidewalk edge is detrimental to the neighborhood's historic character.

    I wonder if the modern day Beacon Hill crusaders are equating this to the mid-20th century fight against ripping up Beacon Hill's brick sidewalks.

    Seems to me that this was

    Seems to me that this was what they were asking for a week or two ago.

    Waiting for Bob Leponge to weigh in on how reasonable Whitney is and what a bunch of mean meanies the city is being.

    Good to see you are tired

    ..of being a pinata for this. I have a sneaking suspicion your talents deserve a better outlet.

    I promise to follow your example and cease pounding you about it.

    They want concrete-paver

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    They want concrete-paver tactile pads instead of plastic, and brick ramps instead of concrete.

    Meanwhile, I've been noticing that a lot of plastic pads around here have lost their bumps after just a few years.

    I have this mental image of

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    I have this mental image of Adam sitting in his office, his regular commenters (metaphorically) in a cage walling off most of the room. He thinks "they seem a little lethargic this morning." Opens a little fridge, grabs a large steak (e.g. Beacon Hill handicap ramps, T outages/cops/fares/budget/employees, bikes vs. cars), opens the cage door, throws it in. Keeps us in shape for when an actual issue comes along.


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    I just love how Whitney is also a (deputy) commissioner of insurance. If he thinks the state can spend this kind of money of trivial tic tacs I can't imagine how he sees his own agencies internal budgeting process.

    BHCA needs to get out of the bubble

    The BHCA needs to get out of the bubble or hire a better PR firm. Picking on the disabled and blind is not the smartest move if you want people on your side.

    The battle is already lost on this cause.

    I think I've read too many

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    I think I've read too many comments about this on UHub now...I initially read this line,

    "Davey said the department already compromised with local residents, changing the typically yellow tactile strips",

    as "tyrannically yellow tactile strips". Ha!

    Kickstarter time

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    Anyone else want to join me in renting 200 cows, goats, and horses to fill the Beacon Hill streets with bullshit?

    There's already plenty up there, so it won't be illegal to just add some more to the pile. Plus it's historically accurate!

    Why? He's not arguing for

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    Why? He's not arguing for anything that would make things more difficult for people with disabilities, just that the ramps and tactile pads should be made of appropriate materials for the surroundings.

    Yes, my relatives on the

    Yes, my relatives on the "Howell-Bush-Dewey-Cheatem-Howe-Oprah-Lodge-Saud-Cabot-Lowell-Heinz-Kerry-Koch" side of the family just cancelled their vacation to Boston because this architectural atrocity has egregiously imposed upon their cousins on the Hill.

    Indeed poor cousin, Margaret "Boodle" Upworthy was so upset that she needed to take drastic steps. Despite following the recommendations of her life coach to do an extensive herbal cleanse and intensify her hot yoga routine, she still felt the need to find the cure by extending her time at her summer camp and ranch in Montana instead of coming to the now vulgar Boston.

    Her husband, Giles, wondered why the disabled don't simply have their man-servants help guide them to Mass General instead of inflicting to public works designed with such poor aesthetics.

    Citizens of Boston, if you have no artistic or architectural aesthetic, perhaps your simple minds will be able to understand when your tourist dollars go elsewhere!

    You must be from out of town

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    You must be from out of town or really insecure about your own station in life, buddy. We aren't all rich people here. Please get a life.

    Was it Mr. Whitney?

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    Was it Mr. Whitney who was on this site explaining/complaining about these just a few months ago?


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    Anyone who disagrees with what is happening should move out in protest.