Runners to get scarves

Man with scarves at Old South Church

For the past year, volunteers at Old South Church have been knitting scarves for Marathon runners. Photographynatalia watched some of them distributed today.

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    I believe other churches

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    and organizations have been knitting hats and scarves too.

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    Other organizations and churches indeed

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    I'm a deacon at Old South. The project was started a couple months ago by two of the women in our knitters group. They had hoped for a couple hundred for our annual Blessing of the Athletes. We ended up with over 7000 scarves from 46 states and 12 countries.

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    It's considerate of the church to turn the marathon into a rally of support for poor beleaguered Ukraine.

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    Had the opportunity to walk

    Had the opportunity to walk around the city, including the Copley area yesterday with Lois. Copley was packed with people for the 5K and the Tribute run, which was for survivors and their family members.

    It was a brilliantly sunny, warm festive day. Yet almost everyone participating also stopped at the small memorials placed where the two bombs went off and quietly, with great emotion reflected on what happened. It was an amazing thing to see.

    I saw many folks, many of them wearing their 2013 Marathon jerseys and jackets almost all of them proudly sporting these wonderful, handmade blue and gold scarves. Each scarf had note card attached to it with a message from the knitter to the marathon recipient..

    Hats off to all the folks who knitted, organized and handed out these scarves.What a special gesture of hospitality.

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