Severe delays on the Red Line

An inbound train passed to the other side at Broadway; another train developed door issues at Charles/MGH.

Shawn Whitlock reports:

Just took 20 min to go from Broadway T stop to South Station. That's ONE stop. Bravo, MBTA, bravo!



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Cant these trains move in both directions? I guess its just not that easy to go in reverse and get on the right bit of track again.

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I think "passed to the other side" was meant as a euphamism here...

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I took the train from Fields

I took the train from Fields Corner at around 2:40, it barely made it into the station and kept stopping till we got to JFK and were told it's disabled and to get off.

Damn red line.

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I'm pretty sure these long

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I'm pretty sure these long delays happen less frequently than 20+ minute backups on the roads/highways.

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That's damning with faint

That's damning with faint praise. I used to ride the Red Line every morning with hardly ever a significant delay. Seems like it's a daily event now. At least if you're in your car and you hear about a traffic backup on the radio (or see it in front of you), you often have the option of getting off the highway and taking an alternate route.

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