So those runners didn't actually carry that guy across the finish line, but don't worry, his story is still inspirational

Deadspin fills us in on what happened after the four runners picked up that fifth runner who collapsed near the finish line. But the story by Wesley Lowery, the former Globe reporter whose tweets started it all, is probably a better thing to read if you're not looking to get all grumpy.



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Does it really matter that

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Does it really matter that they did not carry him across? From Wesley's pic, I assumed the runners carried him close to the finish line and he walked the rest of the way. Does the fact that he walked detract from the story?


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Grumbly Gus story aside, I think it's better they didn't carry the runner across. You get "helping a fellow man" and "by my own two legs" stories at the same time; both are inspirational.


If all you want is a feel good story, then no it doesn't matter. But at one point in time you were disqualified if you had any assistance by others during the race - not sure if that is still a BAA rule or not.


I could see that for the elite runners who get paid to finish.

For the rest? Probably doesn't matter much at all.


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Who pissed in Deadspin's cheerios?

And for all their excoriations for inaccurate journalism, their account seems to be incomplete too. "They dropped him."? The article linked above by the original photog gives me warm fuzzies, despite Deadspin's best efforts.


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Here's the rub.

in addition to the attitude, The Deadspin writer is 100% wrong.

1) It DID happen

2) Lowery never wrote that the runner was carried across the finish line (the only one insinuating that is the inept Deadspin writer)

3) The 5 DID indeed finish all together - - the finish line camera shows that conclusively.

4) The carried runner was not "dropped" by the others. The finish line camera also shows that conclusively - - they let him slowly down. lowery (who actually INTERVIEWED the people involved) quotes them as saying that the carried runner demanded that he be let down so as to finish on his own.

5) The Deadspin writer "outs' the name of the carried runner. Lowery (who actually interviewed the runner - - once again, Deadspin, don't preach "journalism" when you are the one NOT practicing it) was told by the runner that he wanted his name kept out of the media for privacy reasons. The Deadspin amateur (who never talked to the carried runner) simply doofusses that away.

Summation: Lowery works for the Washington Post for a reason. The Deadspi doofus lives in his mom's basement for a reason.

At first I was really into

At first I was really into the cynical Deadspin version of the event, but after reading Mr. Lowery's version, my faith in humanity has been restored.

Perhaps the Deadspin writer was among those people who didn't stop and simply raced by the struggling runner.