At least they didn't blame Schwartz

This just in from Channel 5 about a breaking-news alert sent out to users of its mobile app and to its Twitter followers:



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    A little off topic...but

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    (seeing I don't see any threads about this and don't think anyone but Adam can create one)...
    What's this countdown to reserve parking spaces in Boston about? Some new regulation gonna take effect at 5:00pm today (1/5/14)? Seeing I don't drive it doesn't concern me, but I am curious. I tried Google and no relevant results ever turned up.


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    I mean, the French Toast Alert is only at Guarded right now an it says the only snow that might occur is Monday night 8-10pm, which would probably be barely a coating, maybe an inch tops.

    Sorry for the vagueness

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    At least under the Menino regime, residents are allowed to save spaces in the street for up to 48 hours after the end of a snow emergency. The city declared our snow emergency over at 5 p.m. on Friday, so the clock is ticking down to 5 p.m. today, after which people are not supposed to save spaces anymore.

    Of course, tomorrow Marty Walsh becomes mayor. He hasn't expressed a formal position on space saving let alone a specific policy, but has said he thinks people should be allowed to save spaces after a snow storm, so we'll see what happens then.

    Ok thanks

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    We now resume the topic exactly where it left off.


    I guess it was inevitable. Call it an occupational hazard.



    The bigger story

    was Fridays storm coverage and Bianca's obvious dislike of Phil Lipof. She had that same look of disgust Diane Sawyer has when she has to talk to that garden gnome Ed Harding.