South Shore Plaza upskirter on the loose

Braintree Police report they are looking for a guy who allegedly used his iPhone to take photos up a woman's skirt at the South Shore Plaza earlier this month.

The victim confronted the suspect and describes him as an Asian-American male, approximately 5'6"-5"7", mid 20's, carrying a messenger bag and a black iPhone.



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For what it's worth

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I'd say tthat, overall, there have been more stories on this site about Storrowed trucks than about upskirting pervs.


It's August

and there are 100,000 half naked women on Massachusetts beaches. What possesses these nut jobs to resort to this demented perversion?


Fetishes, by definition, are

Fetishes, by definition, are not about "conventional" stimuli. Presumably these upskirters are turned on as much by the challenge and thrill of being "sneaky" as they are by the actual images captured.



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Fetishes are not really about "conventional" or unconventional, they are about conflating a symbol/image of a thing with the actual thing - a kind of dysfunctional relationship with an object or situation. There are many things that are rather conventional fetishes, like money & power, drama & emotional closeness, books & intelligence, guns & safety, etc. There are of course fetishes *relating to* conventionality, such as opposing the mainstream being a fetish for being special/intelligent/important/etc, but that doesn't define what a fetish *is* - it's just the function/content of that kind of fetish.

Conventional fetishes are still fetishes, they are just fetishes that won't get you on the news / put in jail as often.

Not surprised

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The South Shore Plaza can be a very uncomfortable place to be. It seems to attract a very ghetto crowd who tend to be a tad bit uncouth. Surprisingly, the CambridgeSide Galleria is a much less intimidating place to be.