Turnpike car fire smokes up downtown area

Smoke from fire on the Massachusetts Turnpike in Boston

Kait photographed the smoke rising from a car fire on the inbound turnpike under Washington Street shortly after noon today - not long after another car went up in flames on River Street at Rosa Street in Hyde Park.

Dessert1st got a view of the smoke plume from higher up:

Smoke rises from turnpike car fire in Boston



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Obscure reference

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Under Da Hood Folks?

Ever think of checking the engine oil, have exhaust system maintained, etc.? Or is this a trend with certain makes, models? Recall time?

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What's with this lately?

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What's with this lately? There was another incident on Wednesday on 93NB just before the Tip O' Neil. Right after the last bridge you go under before you approach the tunnel.

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