Two to get life for killing man in Codman Square marijuana robbery

A Suffolk Superior Court jury today convicted Reginald Holley and Oasis Pritchett of first-degree murder for the Oct. 17, 2012 death of Alfonso Rivas in a Lyndhurst Street apartment, the Suffolk County District Attorney's office reports.

The verdict means a mandatory sentence of life in prison without parole.

Prosecutors convinced the jury that Holley, 24, and Pritchett, 23, both of Roxbury, planned to rob Rivas of the marijuana they had allegedly arranged to buy from him.

Surveillance images introduced at trial showed the two defendants as they walked from Holley’s home to 14 Lyndhurst St., where Rivas lived. Additional images showed Holley speaking on a cell phone just before the two entered the building - at the same time, cell phone records showed, that Rivas received a final phone call.

Three minutes later, the same security camera captured Holley and Pritchett as they ran from the building, having shot Rivas and taken marijuana and an iPhone. Rivas had been shot once in the face, causing a mortal injury.

Surveillance images and additional evidence showed that the men fled to the Shawmut MBTA station and took the Red Line to Ashmont. Once there, they boarded a #23 bus, which took them directly past the murder scene as they returned to Holley’s home.

Pritchett himself survived getting shot in the chest in 2009.



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