Two shot in Revere Beach

Updated with info from the DA's office.

Two bystanders at a fight outside a Revere Beach club wound up shot early this morning, according to the Suffolk County District Attorney's office.

Both victims, a man, 33, and a woman, 36, were taken to Mass. General and are expected to survive. Mike, who first reported the incident, said one was shot in the leg and one in the foot.

According to the DA's office:

The preliminary investigation suggests that a physical altercation broke out on the sidewalk in front of a nightclub at 320 Revere Beach Boulevard and that shots were fired. The preliminary investigation does not suggest that the shooting victims were part of the initial altercation. There are no charges at this time.

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    Just like in southie in the old days when Johnnie Depp AKA whitey was lounging at Revere Beach there was no crime

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    In Boulevard, On Boulevard, At Beach, Near Revere, In Revere

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    Came across this when biking home from Wonderland, around 2:30 last night:
    Apparently the incident took place in a bar named The Boulevard, which is on Revere Beach Boulevard, at Revere Beach, near Revere Street, in Revere.

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