WBUR honcho wants to double newsroom staff

The Boston Business Journal interviews Charlie Kravetz, WBUR general manager.



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    Please stop

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    I will not be able to restrain myself when you post about how the T should run PSAs about stenography.

    Yeah, thank god

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    I mean, I can totally take all the bigoted, racist, classist, and directly personal trolling on this site. It's kinda nice actually, to be able to feel smuggly superior when the same old jackasses, time after time, drop digs about bikes or space savers into entirely unrelated discussions. And I kind of look forward to all the blatant sock puppetry by political operatives that fills this site every election cycle.

    It's totally easy to ignore all that.

    But the guy who averages a post every couple days about open government - HE MUST BE SILENCED!

    To be fair

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    They are all tiresome, including thezak.

    Welcome to the club of Don't Write Back or Respond...

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    Thank you for joining the crowd that says over and over again don't bother responding to or writing to theszak. Welcome to the club of Don't Write Back or Respond to theszak, a very special group of people who are continually obsessed with don't write back or respond to theszak because he's not deserving of being written back to or responded to. Because his comments and remarks are not worth answering back or responding to, a special blog has been set up
    for those people who believe that it's VERY important to not respond or reply to theszak who doesn't deserve to be replied back or responded to in any way as he's not worth responding to or corresponding with. However, those of you who're obsessed with not responding to or corresponding with theszak about any issue whatsoever, about anything we're discussing on this list or not shouldn't respond to or answer any of theszak's questions or correspondence with this list or any other list for that matter.


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    I'll respond - what is the link between your stenography obsession and WBUR's drive to increase local news coverage?

    There are plenty of posts about city government where your issue is relevant, if not actually interesting. This isn't really one of them. I don't see what's to respond to? You have an obsession on this topic and shoehorn it into many, many posts where it is only be tangentially connected - now someone is in the wrong for asking what your point is? It's no better if someone started posting about (Israel, abortion, bike lanes, the tooth fairy, etc...) into every topic.

    Feel free to keep posting, I'll feel free to mostly scroll on by and occasionally ask why you don't work on more useful ways to promote government transparency.

    What about steganographers?

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    Between Harvard, MIT, the Kendall Sq. software companies and the super secret NSA office that no one knows about there has got to be a local steganographer who could encode the City Council meetings into images which were then broadcasted on the Lite-Brite boards of the T.

    Can Bob Oaks!

    I used to wake up to WGBH but when they cut their Jazz and Blues programming and declared war on WBUR I couldn't take it any longer and switched to WBUR. I wish that both of them would just run the straight Morning Edition feed without cutting in their own reporters but what really annoys me is Bob Oaks. The guy can't get through a sentence without stuttering or misspeaking.

    Every so often he goes on vacation and they have a woman fill in. Sometimes It's Delores Handy and sometimes it someone else but they are always much, much better. I really wish WBUR would just make them the local Morning Edition host year round.

    Of course I'd rather to wake up to WMBR or WHRB but the partner prefers the news.

    Delores Handy

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    ...is the queen of misspeaking. I get she's a venerable presence at WBUR, but I wish her a happy pseudo-retirement.

    I don't get the objection to local news on WBUR. Sure it's often just repeating news from the Globe, but local news is important.

    I agree

    I don't get the objection to local news on WBUR. Sure it's often just repeating news from the Globe, but local news is important.

    I agree, which is why I spend so much time on UHub.

    Thank you!

    Apparently everyone at the station loves this guy for some reason. I think his interviews are the worst interviews on the radio. He always asks these ridiculous long-winded questions that answer themselves. It's painful.

    A fake but representative example:
    Bob: Isn't it true that though the school board has made many mis-steps over the years, you can say that the new administration is making huge strides in education?
    Some Wonk: Uh yes Bob. That is correct. We are doing great!

    More Chris Lydon

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    less Robin Young (She's nice but boring) and they need to bring in some local heavy hitters like Jim and Margery who are getting lots of listeners at WGBH. I have turned the station multiple times to tune them in.