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      Persons of interest in the panopticon state

      The oppressive omnipresent human surveillance police state has now extended its trespass into the harem of the nest of our avian cousins. This unjust violation of the privacy of our homes promoted by a supposedly progressive bastion of intellectual pursuit and enlightenment only illustrates the hypocrisy of human universities.

      The rise of the righteous rafter will return our right to privacy in our ancestral realm!


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      Interesting point..

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      This turkey invasion we've been experiencing in Boston and Cambridge the last few years is starting to make sense. It's the Butterball Revolution! I'm picturing a wild turkey drinking a bottle of Wild Turkey and firing an M-16 shouting, "Gobble this, suckers!!"

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      Hawks too...

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      Last year and the year before Harvard had a camera on a hawk's nest at the Maxwell Dworkin building. Eggs hatched and fluffy chicks cavorted about the nest. Pretty cool.

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