What is this world coming to when a man can't urinate in peace on a Red Line platform?

Transit Police chalked up another victory for their "See Something, Say Something" campaign yesterday when an alert rider alerted them to a busker at Harvard who urinated in a cup, dumped the contents onto the tracks, then went right back to playing his music and soliciting donations.

Police say the musician (no, don't worry, not everybody's favorite fur-lined busker) did turn his back to the rest of the platform as he performed the task at hand, but he "underestimated the power of our MBTA community and the 'See something Say something' philosophy."

The man, who, to add insult to injury, was not a registered busker, was escorted from the station, police say.



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Really.. peed in a cup, dumped it on the tracks, and then walked back to playing music?

Like it was no big deal?. wtf?


Way back in the day

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In the 1960s there was a restroom in the Harvard Square station, but of couse not today. It would make too much sense. As a kid, I remember a few creepy dudes hanging there, but was a place where you could go when you needed to go. I don't think this guy did anything wrong.
After all, when you gotta go, you gotta go.


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I used to commute daily through the old station, but I'll admit I haven't been through the current station often, and have never found myself looking to go to the bathroom. The old restroom was visible, open to the public, and didn't require asking someone to open it.

Where is the restroom in the current station? Is it easily accessible?

At the bottom of the main

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At the bottom of the main escalators, make a right. You don't need an employee to let you in, and it's outside the fare-paid zone.


There are restrooms in each station, and if you ask the CSA they are supposed to let you in. How often that happens is another story....

Forest Hills

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Take a right just after the fare gates into what looks like a tiny alcove where nobody ever goes, and there you are.


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I was talking about the old station before the reconstruction in the late 70s-early 80s, although the restroom that was open in the 60s was closed by the 70s. The restroom was open to all and did not require asking a T employee to open it for you.
And what are you talking about?

Let's be clear here

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How many stations have restrooms that are easily accessible ( without finding a T employee), and clearly indicated with a sign?
Employees are hard to find. Some Ashmont Line Stations have no employees available at night. I once saw some buskers lighting a campfire to accompany their music at DTX at night and couldn't find anyone to report it to.
North and South Stations have such restrooms, but I've never been aware of any other stations on the Red, Orange, or Green Lines. I don't use the Blue Line.


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I forgot the one in Back Bay Station

I have found the bathrooms at

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I have found the bathrooms at Alewife, Davis, Porter, Back Bay, and Sullivan. None of those bathrooms are to be used unless truly desperate. (They redid the Porter bathrooms about 9, 10 years ago and they were nice for a T bathroom, and they're back to a truly disgusting state now.)

Forest Hills has restrooms

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Forest Hills has restrooms too. They're about what you'd expect, but I wait for a bus at Forest Hills and sometimes I have to pee.

for a second..

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My brain went "peed in a cup. They take donations in a cup. Please tell me it wasn't the same cup."

...michael jackson concert

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It sounds to me like he tried to be discreet, which is polite. I see far worse breaches of decorum by pushy people on the T - the types of entitled folks who probably report things like this.

Men who adjust their junk and sit with legs wide invading the space of flanking female passengers is much more offensive to me than a man trying to have a quick unseen pee. We all gotta pee sometimes.

Sidenote: In the front row of a Michael Jackson concert in 1997 in London I watched a girl pee in a cup and hand to security guard to dispose of. Those spotsa were priceless and if you budged an inch you were sure to lose your prime spot!! The security guard was totally cooperative and a good time was had by all.

sanitation darn it

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Human waste belongs in a toilet not fouling public property. Urine doesn't magically disappear when it dries.

It sorta does

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95% of urine is water that will just evaporate. A lot of the remaining 5% is urea and salts. Urea can be used as a cleaner...so he was probably doing the T a favor since they just dumped their janitors.

It's not the most polite

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It's not the most polite thing to do, but is urinating in public while facing the wall actually against the law? People usually get charged with lewd and lascivious behaviour, which I would think means someone has to see something besides your back.

You new around here?

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Peeing is 'yucky', and doing it within 50 feet of one of our sensitive snowflakes or 2000 feet near a school (what would the children think?!), is enough to get you tased and given sex offender status for the rest of you life.

Mystery solved! Now we know

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Mystery solved! Now we know why all MBTA tracks and elevators smell like pee. It's those damn buskers.

Those benches have smelled

Those benches have smelled like piss for as long as I can remember. Usually there was a homeless man who'd probably pissed his pants but this is a new one for me.