Ink Block could get Italian restaurant thanks to impending death of Medieval Manor

The Boston Licensing Board decides tomorrow whether to approve the sale of the soon-to-be-gone Middle-Ages dinner theater to the proposed operators of a new Italian restaurant in the Ink Block complex at 360 Harrison Ave.

Co-owners Colin Lynch, Heather Lynch and Jefferson Macklin, all alumni of Barabara Lynch's Gruppo restaurants, are seeking permission to keep Bar Mezzana open until 2 a.m.

The proposal won the support of the mayor's office and city councilors Bill Linehan, Michael Flaherty and Steve Murphy.



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    I hope

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    they have small plates made for sharing! Because that would bring something new and different to the South End!

    Guide for South End Restaurateurs:

    - Small plates made for sharing
    - Edison lights everywhere
    - reclaimed wood
    - craft cocktails
    - "glacial ice from Gloucester"
    - curated selection of something or other
    - artisanal something
    - charcuterie boards galore
    - ethnic cuisine from a country in which the chef has never stepped foot
    - vaguely foreign sounding name that no one will be able to pronounce properly
    - bonus point for using the words "curated" "artisanal" and "hand-crafted" in the same sentence

    boo hoo

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    People who try different things suck. Everything sucks. I'm too cool for anything that might be remotely "trendy".


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    Dude, anything that's not Dunks sucks, kehd.

    You must...

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    ... be a thrill to meet in real-life social settings.


    He or she has a point. But leaving "farm-to-table" and "locally sourced" off their bullshit bingo list was a mistake.


    Farm-to-table is one I love too. Have some farm to table oranges and strawberries in your salad in mid January. Locally sourced is the food market in Chelsea.

    It all reminds me of Tito's "Handmade" vodka. There must be one shit load of people hand making that stuff because it sells by the truck load.

    Just the license?

    Are the Mezzana people just buying the liquor license? Or also the long tables and goblets? That'd be a sight in an Italian joint.

    Dover street has come a long

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    Dover street has come a long way from when Harry the Greek ruled . He would give his good customers a 16 oz can of beer while he guzzled from a pint.