The new Red Line cars seem a tad cramped

Red Line pokeball sculpture in downtown Boston

Flea took a look at one of the new sculptures outside 100 High St. - just down the street from the MBTA's main operations center.

The Red Line poké ball and a similar Green Monster ball are the work of sculptor Lars-Erik Fisk, who loves him some spherical art (more examples).



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    Good to see some new T

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    Good to see some new T equipment...... beginning this week the DC Metro began putting in service the first of over 200 new cars they ordered.......... the cars were ordered 5 years ago; also the Metro started returning to automated operation; the trains run themselves the operator is there to open and close the doors.

    Anyone for some T-ball?

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    I've actually had the thought pop into my head that traveling in a Pokeball would be preferable to traveling by T at times.

    Seems unrealistic, I mean

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    Seems unrealistic, I mean where is the person standing in front of the doorway blocking people who are trying to exit?

    Stah Wuhaas

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    Sure that's not the robot from the new Star Wars trailer...?

    Anyone else think the MBTA

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    Anyone else think the MBTA should pay Ellen McLain (the voice of GLaDOS) to do all the automated MBTA announcements?


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    looks like a vehicle from Super Monkey Ball video game


    I especially love the car's ID#!