Real-time T maps as wall hangings

Light Rail

The Globe reports how an MIT student (of course) built a glowing MBTA map for his wall that shows the location of subway trains in real time.

Detailed overview of how he built the map.



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    I now see the video window

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    I now see the video window for the Jaws/Sea Monstah mash-up instead of the MIT LED map. Technology is a strange thing.


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    Hit reload. I'm not sure that's technology so much as some stupid thing I can't figure out that at some point I did wrong in setting up the site or the CSS. Sorry about that.


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    That's exactly what most of us would like to see but seems like an act of god to get the T to make an app or something like that available to us


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    Can you figure a way to get rid of the urine smell in the stations
    Can you figure a way to stop Fare Jumpers
    Can you figure a way to stop students from brawling on Green Line trains
    Can you figure a way to stop green line gropers
    Can MIT figure out a real scientific mystery, why do subway cops need bicycles,motorcycles,segways and drones and don't feel the need to ride buses or trains

    Your last point

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    You do realize, I hope, that the T also runs buses and that they occasionally require the presence of police as well, right? Also, if subways are no longer running, maybe because somebody just jumped in front of a train, the T cops need a way to get to the scene?

    Or are you just one of those people who like asking why we park in driveways and drive on parkways?

    no, but really

    Why DO we park in driveways and drive on parkways? Wherefore this jest in majesty? This ass in passion?

    Maverick Station

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    The T has a similar map inside the Maverick T station which shows the location of each train on the Blue Line. It was updated during the renovation. I believe it is the only T station that has one

    Good we're not in Texas...

    As someone would have to report that tracking the T using their data is a terrorist plot just like the bomb masquerading as an alarm clock,

    Hey, don't diminish our

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    Hey, don't diminish our history! We have a proud tradition of mistaking anything with lights and circuit boards as a terrorist plot here, too!

    Some sage finally brought up Ahmed

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    Well, there is apparently a lot more to Ahmed and his family than meets the eye. And media have done a very poor job of reporting what really happened.

    And Irving, TX (Dallas), a city/suburb of Dallas, with over 200,000, is a very diverse place, as is Dallas, and metro Dallas. Ahmed was not 'picked on' due to racism.

    I'd imagine MIT has it's hands full of flashing, beeping devices with dangling wires that look like stereotypical bombs.

    Stereotypical bomb

    This is what a bomb looks like.


    Just don't be the ass who brings "something that looks like a stereotypical bomb" to some security sensitive place like an airport.

    Or schools

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    which have had 'zero tolerance' for any and everything, foisted upon them. Not to mention 'lockdowns'. That's OK I suppose; gets the kids ready for the real world of HR departments and legal liability.