Pike-ramp pothole destroying tires like nobody's business

Potholes in Boston

Lissa Harris, formerly a crusading Boston-area reporter (and now a crusading Catskills reporter), returned to the Hub today only to promptly blow out a tire on one of our famous potholes near the Allston/Cambridge exit on the turnpike - immediately followed by two more motorists whose tires also got blown out.

UPDATE: Harris reports the blown-tire count is now up to four. The tow truck also hit the pothole, but "he's got better tires, though."



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    Makes sense to me

    Yeah, they say a new interchange on that section of I-90 is being designed and construction should begin before the end of the decade. The old interchange has been around since the 1960s so what do you expect?


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    as in "construction should begin before the end of..."


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    The Pike became part of the DOT years ago.