Tufts, other colleges reporting mumps again

The Tufts Daily reports Tufts has seen nine mumps cases since Oct. 28 and that other colleges in the area are also reporting cases of the contagious disease. Harvard, Tufts and BU had mumps outbreaks this past spring.



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    No vaccine is 100% effective

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    That's why having as close to 100% of people vaccinated is so important, because it provides "herd immunity" to protect people for whom the vaccine failed, who have medical reasons for not being able to get vaccinated, or infants too young for the vaccine.

    It may be that the version of the vaccine used 18-22 years ago wasn't as long-lasting as hoped and needs a booster (same as we need a tetanus booster every decade.)

    Anti-vaxxer liability

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    If an anti-vaxxer's kid gives your kid a nasty once-conquered disease, that's a multi-million dollar lawsuit right there.

    I would also try to get some kind of criminal negligence charges pressed.

    Should adults get a booster?

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    Every time I hear about a measles or mumps outbreak, I wonder about boosters. Are they a good idea for people who 1)are in a population where there's an outbreak and 2)have a couple decades or more since the time they were immunized?

    No real official recommendation

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    CDC mostly says that if you have 2 documented doses, there's not much more you can do. The vaccine is only 80-85% effective after two doses, according to recent studies.

    However, if you are of a certain age where you may have only received one vaccine dose (which was the recommendation at the time in the 70s-80s), you may want to talk with your doctor about getting a second dose.