Is VFW Parkway big enough for two car washes?

The Boston Conservation Commission next week considers a Brockton car-wash magnate's plans to expand his empire with a new outlet in West Roxbury - where a small McDonald's used to be on VFW Parkway, kitty-corner from the Waves car wash.

Ronen Drory, who has been washing cars since he was a young teen in Jerusalem, currently owns car washes in Canton, Brockton and Taunton. Drory, who also sells imported rugs, is also seeking commission approval for a convenience store, at a hearing that begins at 6 p.m. on Wednesday in the Piemonte Room on the fifth floor of City Hall.

He needs conservation approval because the lot sits next to the Charles River, or, technically, "borders land subject to flooding."

Drory is the second Israeli-born businessman to try to build on the property. In 2015, developer Nissim Shimon Trabelsi proposed putting a kosher hotel on the land. He later withdrew the proposal from consideration.

The McDonald's that used to sit on the parcel, across from a larger McDonald's on the other side of the parkway, burned to the ground in 2013. The lot is currently used to park school buses.



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West Roxbury Wetlands

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There's a full page ad in the Bulletin by Protect West Roxbury Wetlands encouraging people to attend that meeting to voice their concern about the loss of wetlands. They have before after pics of the loss of wetlands here

Personally, I think the big difference in the pictures is that the before picture is of the trees in leafy green and the after is without the trees in leaf. But I'm still interested in what that group has to say. There was an "old-timer" on my street that insisted that our neighborhood (by Star Market) didn't have any problems with flooding basements until Dedham's VFW got heavily built up. Unfortunately, I have a commitment that night and can't get out of it.

Hope someone here can go and report back here. Please?

P.S. isn't there still a car wash nearby on Washington near the KFC? So this would be the 3rd car wash in the Dedham/WR area?

Oh, how could I forget that car wash on Washington Street?

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It's my normal car-wash place! And 100% in West Roxbury (the town line runs through the gas station it belongs to).

Am planning to go to the meeting, will, of course, report back.

To be honest, I'm a bit suspicious of that site at this point: It doesn't say who's behind it, that "after" photo shows everything in brown, like a photo taken after the leaves had fallen and that other photo looks more like an attempt by somebody to clean up an overgrown patch by the side of the road than wholesale ravaging of an urban wild, at least to my completely untrained eyes. So hopefully I'll be educated Wednesday.

It's totally just because the leaves have fallen off

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Those photos are a joke. Yes, in the Autumn trees lose their leaves. Note that the "after" photo is taken (or cropped) farther away to a) include more land and b) to make it difficult to see if the land was even touched. There is one in the print ad showing (before) overgrown weeds that have been (after) nicely removed. Devastation!

Someone has got it in for this new car wash....but who?

Private registration

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I tried to "Who is" the website registration, but they used a proxy service so it's private.

Why would they use grainy,

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Why would they use grainy, blurry, out of season pictures when google maps has fantastic images of the site from 2017?

I call BS.

Thanks for reminding me

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I saw that last week and meant to follow up. But yeah, the true desire to "protect the wetlands" was as clear as mud, which lead me to ask who was behind it. The competition, no doubt. I mean, there's pretty much just asphalt and buildings in the area, so if anything the new development could mean perhaps a more environmentally friendly layout.

No shenanigans?!

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In October of 2015 100% of the land area of Boston was wetlands, and 75% of that was disturbed. They're just speaking the truth. The utter truth.

EDIT- I meant punctuation in the subject line.

The city was silent

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How true. The city has been silent about the destruction of wetlands for 387 years.

Smart move

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We need a Taco Bell there so people don't have to make a U-turn to get to the one that's already there on the other side of the road.


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Roxbury Prep can open its doors here....