Boston city councilor offers ice cream to kids who shovel out fire hydrants

City Councilor Matt O'Malley (Jamaica Plain, West Roxbury) exhorts the young'uns:

Attn kids of Boston: Shovel out a fire hydrant & have your parents post a before/after pic. I'll send you a $5 gift certificate to @jplicks.

It's starting to work:



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What, no details?

But seriously good on O'Malley. He's had some risible ideas over the years, but this is actually a good one.

Kids love doing this

After I stoked up a couple of the young ones a few years ago (with bonus stoking from the retired fire chief down the block), all ours get excavated pretty quickly. The kids are getting bigger now and they are clearing them out a lot more quickly.

It is a very good use of youthful energy, and, let's face it, kids LOVE helping out the firefighters and doing something important to keep their neighborhood safe.

I adopted Bob a couple years ago

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During dinner at a neighbor's house on our block, they mentioned they had nicknamed the hydrant across the street "Bob".

I noticed during a snowmageddon that Bob was almost completely buried and have since adopted Bob, checking during storms to be sure he's cleared out.

One of these days I want to get one of those stickers to put on him that says "Hello, my name is Bob".


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Barely covers a kiddie come these days.

maybe so, bugs bunny

but the 'kiddie cones' at the place down the street from me are still plenty of ice cream so i would be content with this.

learn to earn

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I think this is great. Not enough kids do this sort of thing anymore--shoveling, raking, etc--and if they learn that they can paid to do it (even if it's only in ice cream), they'll be motivated to do more.

Do you even New England bro?

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We love ice cream in the winter! It's right up there with our iced coffee!

In any case, you can get more than just ice cream at JP Licks. Hot chocolate, for example. Or cookies. Or muffins.


when else are you gonna eat it outside and not have it melt before you finish??

hell, the only time i'd actually consider getting it on an actual cone would be in sub-freezing weather. cant stand having it get all over my hands.