CBS to ditch WBZ-AM

All Access reports CBS plans to sell or swap the AM news station (and also 98.5 FM) as it merges with Entercom. Entercom, meanwhile, will unload WRKO and WKAF (97.7 FM).




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    Sooner than later, one or two corporations will own everything?


    Yep, that's about it

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    I fear that owning radio stations is like owning a newspaper or a copy shop; your best days are behind you and you 'll be lucky to stay afloat.

    HD Digital on AM.

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    AM stations are able to broadcast in HD...but they do not get subchannels (HD-1, HD-2, etc.) like the FM stations do.


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    The all advertising station disguised as an all news station. Is it any wonder their ratings have been continually dropping?


    New England's News Watch

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    Yeah, when they say "New England's news watch never stops" I find myself singing, a la Gilbert & Sullivan, "What, never?!?"


    6 AM - 9 AM: The Morning Constitutional with Adam Gaffin
    9 AM - 1 PM: The Swirly Show (because you always put a girl on middays)
    1 PM - 4 PM: Who's on the Radio with John Costello
    4 PM - 7 PM: The (Expletive) Will LaTulippe Show
    7 PM - 10 PM: MC Slim JB PM

    The squiggly

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    Will do the graveyard broadcast. Hip hip huzzah!

    Flip Will's Time Slot...

    ... because he belongs in the David Brudnoy/Dan Rea slot. Seriously.

    So long as it keeps Traffic on the 3s (yeah, I know, it's now Traffic & Weather on the 3s, but Traffic is the important one), I don't care who owns 'BZ1030.

    A few more shows

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    Well first off MC Slim JB MUST be given his own restaurant review show :-)

    I suppose I could do a tech show of sorts.

    We need to give the theszak some time to promote his use stenographic materials in city hall (a good Sunday morning talk show!)

    Swirly obviously would need to do a Biking in Boston show (or a family show.. or both!)

    Ron Newman could do an hour show about the happenings in Somerville

    I also think there 6A-9A and the 4P-7P should be know as "The Commute" and several of us will be panelists with Adam and we'll talk about the commute, the T, roadways, and hot topic issues. Maybe we could take live calls from people stuck on the T in crowded broken down subway cars. Maybe instead of traffic on the 3's we can do the "The T on the two's" and offer a similar update.