Doggie bag on the Red Line

A dog in a bag on the Red Line

Davina Chojnowski had some fuzzy company on her Red Line commute this morning.



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    I'm sure this adorable canine

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    I'm sure this adorable canine brightened the day of many a Monday morning commuter. What a sweet face!



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    it's "totado" now, get with the times, old man!

    I'm kidding.
    I'm an old and would never be permitted to hear their slangs and hip phrases.

    Maybe ...

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    And maybe somebody was playing off the fact that the pupper is in a tote.


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    Haven't heard that one yet - you're ahead of me!

    The only reason I know these silly phrases is because my last company was full of millennials and they said this shit all the time in the middle of taking selfies and uploading them to "InstaFace" (copyright - Bill Belichick).


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    Is the cleanest living thing on that train . Cute pup .

    A caring owner.

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    Thoughtfully prevents exposure of the dog's bare feet to god-knows-what on the floor of a subway car.