On hold

Waiting for a new iPhone

Shortly after 2 p.m., Scott noticed several people already in line outside the Apple store on Boylston Street for tomorrow's release of the iPhone Somedamnnumberorletter, which goes on sale tomorrow - including one person who brought her own reclining seat.



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Probably a Toyota Sienna, if my guess is right. (It's actually kind of a good idea, except when the doors open and she has to lug that along with her.)

Seat out of minivan for long

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Seat out of minivan for long wait (using seatbelt): Simple, practical, unpretentious, comfortable, safe - I award 10 points to Hufflepuff!

Doing all that to buy an iPhone? -5 points for bad judgment.


Damn Apple and their enabling people to have the world's knowledge at their fingertips!


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If you discount that google is also offering the same thing, just without the cultish hype.

Sure, but the first android

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Sure, but the first android phone was released in 2008 and looked like a Nokia phone. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HTC_Dream

And the Android prototypes looked like Blackberries https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HTC_Dream#/media/File:HTC_HT722G700375_200...

The notion of having a touchscreen wasn't even on Android's radar until the iPhone was announced. And after the announcement, it was all hands on deck to support touchscreens, which is now the dominant paradigm in Android phones.

And then suddenly Samsung's

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And then suddenly Samsung's first Android offering looked remarkably like the iPhone.

Let's not pretend that the first huge wave of smartphones (post-niche brands like the Palm Treo, et al.) wouldn't have looked like BlackBerrys for years if it weren't for the iPhone. I mean, even BlackBerry capitulated a bit and released the awful BlackBerry Storm at the beginning of 2009, which was most known for getting pocket dust under the screen.

Yeah. Sure

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Google isn't offering the same thing. Their phone platform is completely inferior.

Still, I ain't standing in line and/or paying a grand for a damn phone. The hell with that noise.

I don't understand the Google

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I don't understand the Google vs. Apple fight. Most smartphones now are amazingly similar, with little differences in their OS. It comes down to preference.

That said, all I want in a smartphone is a removable battery, and an aux port. Shockingly hard to find these days.

They've already accomplished that with

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earlier versions of the iPhone. Like Microsoft's recent upgrades of Windows and Office, this is just encouraging people to get rid of perfectly functioning devices and software and spend money "upgrading" for little legitimate reason.

And this "I gotta stand in line all night to get a phone that is being mass produced" mentality is just another example of how consumerism is slowly eroding society.

I have an iPhone 5C. Works perfectly fine, and it has a headphone jack. And keeping it until it won't work is also better for then environment instead of getting a new phone every six months or so

Goes to what I always say

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My parents stormed the beaches at Normandy. My children stormed the Apple Store.


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Always maintained that Apple is a cult. People would pay anything with the Apple logo on it.

Would it be considered racist

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Would it be considered racist to guess that these people are in line perhaps to resell the phone in another country?