To the kind man who rushed Gerry to Angell


Kevin Kane reports that Wednesday evening, his dog, Gerry, ran out of his yard when a delivery-package guy didn't close the gate and wound up on Morrissey Boulevard, where he was hit by a car.

A stranger saw what happened and picked Gerry up and rushed him to the Angell Animal Medical Center in Jamaica Plain.

Kane writes:

He unfortunately did not make it....but I find comfort that this Good Samaritan stopped and tried his best and was with him at the end....and for him to do that is amazing. Knowing he wasn't alone brings my wife and 4 boys comfort.


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Why I posted this

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Yes, it's sad, but it's also nice that somebody went way out of his way to try to help a poor thing in distress - there are good people out there like that.

Thanks for posting

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I'm sad that Gerry didn't make it, but it makes me happy that there was someone who went out of their way to help and comfort a distressed animal. Gives me a tiny bit of hope.
RIP Gerry.

Adam, could you please in the

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Adam, could you please in the future have anon screen all your posts first to deem which ones are worth posting and which are not? I'll sleep a lot better at night knowing that anon is pleased, first and foremost.

Oh, come on, roadman!

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The fact that a person had the goodness and decency to try to help save the life of another person's beloved pet is news, since that kind of occurrence is so rare, especially in our society today.

Kudos to the guy who attempted to help save another person's beloved pet's life, and yet sorry that Gerry didn't make it.

Your fake news allegation is fake

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Someone going out of their way to do a good deed such as this IS NEWS.

Thank you Adam for posting it. When I was a kid we had a dog in a back yard who often escaped when the power company's meter reader would often leave the gate open. Luckily he never got hit by a car but I could easily see how this could happen.

Thanks to the good samaritan and a big raspberry to anon.

I think I can safely speak

for the majority of commenters and readers in saying that we just feel so horrible for you. /eyeroll

Adam, thank you for this post. So sorry to hear this happened, it's nice to hear there are still good people out there. I wonder if the person/company responsible will face any consequences?

You mean the delivery guy?

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I wonder if the person/company responsible will face any consequences?

I hope so. That was irresponsible of the delivery guy not to close the gate, thereby letting the dog run out onto Morrissey Blvd.

You’d be better off avoiding

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You’d be better off avoiding the internet all together. Nothing but bad news!
I’m so glad the Good Samaritan was found! Thankful for ppl like him!

partial story?

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I think I saw Adam put this on twitter but I think the "story" was that someone snapped a picture of the good samaritan and the dog owner was hoping to identify the person and thank him personally


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Gerry was our dog, we did find the good Samaritan’s and thanked them. Gerry was hit by a speeding vehicle and the driver sped off.... Sara Walsh, Conor and Eileen Boyle were amazing. Love wins. It helps to know our pup passed being surrounded with love and compassion. Dorchester has a wonderful tight knit community we all take care of each other.

Hi, Liz.

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Again, I'm sorry about Gerry's unfortunate passing...and your loss. The driver of the car that hit Gerry ought to face some dire consequences for hitting the poor dog and speeding away from the scene of an accident. Since the driver was speeding, he should get into trouble for that, too.

Glad that you have some great friends and neighbors who were willing to help you out and give you support during such a dark and difficult time.

Glad you were also able to find the good samaritan who rushed Gerry to the hospital, and to thank him.


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The purpose of my original tweet was to find the person who comforted Gerry in his last moments.....we did find him and thanked him ....I had his pic because someone took it and posted it asking if anyone knew owner of the dog (me). And the pic was sent to me when I was still looking for Gerry not knowing he was hit....that is how I found out....thank you for everyone who shared

I am so sorry for your loss

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I am so sorry for your loss but so happy that someone was there for Gerry when you couldn't be. Beautiful person. Also this is a good story to read for delivery or any other people that visit property's. Please be more aware of gates and entrances. Be aware that children and animals could get hurt.

Thank you VERY much for posting

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I appreciate the story about the dog. Sorry for the family's loss but it's nice to know there are still very kind hearted people around.


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I hope that delivery guy will be informed of the consequences of his laziness.

RIP Jerry. He looks sweet! : (

I'm so sorry about your loss, Kevin.

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Losing a beloved pet is just as tough...and painful as losing a beloved human family member.

It was not smart of the delivery guy to be so careless and not bother to close the gate.

RIP, Gerry.

Even though Gerry did not make it, it's good to see that there are some decent human beings around who attempt to help, even though things don't always work out for the best.