Man charged for Dorchester road-rage murder; when charged, was already being held on unrelated gun charge

Boston Police yesterday charged Deonarine Ganga, 29, with murder for the shooting death of Joey DeBarros last week outside the Gallivan Boulevard McDonald's, Boston Police and the Suffolk County District Attorney's office report.

Authorities knew right where to find Ganga: He was sitting in a Suffolk County jail following his arraignment Tuesday for an April 7 incident in which he allegedly pulled out and raked a gun during a dispute at a Dorchester Avenue store - and pending a hearing on whether that incident violated his 2015 guilty plea for possession of cocaine with intent to distribute.

Investigators looking into the murder learned of the April 7 incident and arrested Ganga while continuing their murder investigation. A Suffolk County Grand Jury is also continuing to look into the murder.

Authorities charge Ganga shot DeBarros during an argument over a traffic dispute outside the McDonald's at Gallivan Boulevard and Granite Avenue.

The car Ganga allegedly occupied left the area, but witnesses provided responding Boston Police with a description of the car and a partial plate number. That detailed information led investigators to review earlier records, which revealed that the car was registered to a Dorchester woman associated with Ganga and included the record of an April 10 motor vehicle stop in Abington during which Ganga was a passenger.

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I don't think you were

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I don't think you were unclear Adam. I think a few people truly enjoy pouncing on you if they have an issue with reading your whole article (and understanding the words). Simple pleasures for the simple minded. It always seems to be the first person that comments as well. Nothing better to do than try and correct others I guess.


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Please tell me he has a sister and that her name is Mary Jane