Orange Line riders might need some Advils due to busted signals at Forest Hills

The MBTA is reporting "moderate" delays on the Orange Line due to signal problems at Forest Hills.



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But the good news is

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One track operation has ended.

And since major construction of the Casey/Arborway project is due to wrap up in "Fall 2017", I cannot wait until the roof is installed on the new busway and the busway opens, again according to MassDOT by the end of December.

Roof installed?

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Have they even put out a contract for that yet? I thought that had been postponed until roughly the Fourth of Never.

Nah, that can’t be right

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I mean, MassDOT is still working off that time line, and they wouldn’t lie to us, just like they wouldn’t lie about how things were going to be much better for all of us at the end. They wouldn’t just forget us transit riders. We’re the people who made Forest Hills what it is.

500 Monkeys? Any thoughts?

Alas ...

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Not much rhymes with Tylenol; I hear they pay the big bucks.

Red Line too

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Bustitution plus signal problems! 55 minutes from Savin Hill to DTX