Pig in the city

Some pig

Craig Caplan spotted these two folks today walking their pig through Christopher Coumbus Park, as one does.

UPDATE: Thanks to Flannery O'Brien Skadberg for the identification of this pig about town as Wiggy the Piggy.



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    Be it pigs or humans...

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    I have noticed a trend of people pushing children that are far to old to be in carriages. The other day at DTX I saw parents pushing a child that was so old he had to stick his legs straight out in front of him so they didn't drag on the ground. It's not the only time I have seen something like that. When did this odd trend start? Is it because baby carriages have now become such a "thing" that parents want to use them as log as possible?


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    Masshealth covers adaptive strollers that would properly fit an older child.

    Statistically though, all these huge kids in strollers can't all have disabilities. That and I have plenty of acquaintances who use strollers unnecessarily. I would never say anything to an individual in case this is the case, but I'm going to roll my eyes at the overall trend.

    Oh, I'll defend it

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    Or at least give you some insight.

    It has nothing to do with the laziness of the kids and everything to do with the laziness of the parents, which might sound counterintuitive but is true. Sure, the kid can walk, but he or she is slow, and you've got places to go and no time for aimless strolling, so in the stroller the kid goes. Back in the day, we used to plop Waquiot Jr. in the stroller to get him to daycare, but he walked home. That's the difference between doing things in an orderly manner and either getting up a half hour earlier or getting to work late every day.

    Do we still have a stroller for his practically 5 year old behind? Yup, the jogger, which is used to, um, jog. His favorite playground is about a mile away, which most people would drive to, but I dunno, driving everywhere sends a worse message.

    Older children in strollers

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    Thanks for the explanation, but I would think at some point the child themselves would rebel against this, thinking it "babyish". I can't imagine it's psychologically good for an older child to keep them in a stroller.

    The weirdest thing

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    Is when there are 2 kids and the younger kid, for whom the parents have the stroller, wants to walk while the older sibling, who is way too old for that, wants in.

    It is doubly amusing

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    when a first-class bit of satire immediately results in an outbreak of the thing being satirized.

    How does one

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    Wear jeans and a sweatshirt in this weather and not burst into a waterfall of sweat?


    Please let me in on the trick.


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    Bucket for feeding time?

    That moment when you find

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    That moment when you find your self looking at a pigs Instagram account and catch your self wounding "what am I doing with my life. why am I not as successful as this pig."