Racists force shutdown of Frog Pond on Saturday

The Frog Pond on Boston Common will be shut on Saturday as part of the security arrangements for the white-supremacist rally on the Common. The city has also ordered the pushcart vendors who normally sell food and clothing on the Common to find some other place to be on Saturday.



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But Lanes and Games closed last week, so when you find skinheads on your Common, you can't take them bowling.


take them to Ron's in Hyde Park.

Added bonus - candlepin bowling is better for people with tiny hands anyways.

Makes sense. The teenagers

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Makes sense. The teenagers lifeguarding at the pond should only have to deal with child-sized children. Not dangerously overgrown ones.

Talk about posturing

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Im sure it will be a handful of racist and a 100 Antifa Communist all screaming nonsense at each other before returning to their parents basement.

In theory, anyway.

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In theory, anyway.

I question anyone who limits anyone else's free speech because it is something they don't like.

Private citizens don't have

Private citizens don't have the ability to limit anybody's free speech. By definition, free speech can only be limited by the government.


For the last time

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They don't want free speech. Free speech means you can't be arrested, prosecuted, and sentenced by the government for expressing your views. Pretty obviously, they're in no danger of arrest for their shitheaded racist views. Hell, they have a permit to do that very thing from the city. All nice and legal.

When they rally for "Free Speech" what they really mean is "We don't want to be held accountable for our actions." They don't want to face any consequences for what they do and say. They want to be able to spew racism without getting fired from their jobs or exposed on the internet.They want to be able to hurl anti-gay slurs without being told to shut the fuck up. They want people like us to be afraid when they get up there with their microphones and spout rhetoric that puts lives in danger.

Nothing's stopping them from uttering their vitriol other than their own fear of accountability. So they're not rallying for free speech. And we're going to show up, outnumber them 100 to 1, and shout them down for their reprehensible views.

If you can't tell that apart from "trying to limit other peoples' speech" then I really don't know what to tell you, because your critical reasoning skills wouldn't get past the 6th grade MCAS.

So your definition of free speech is ...

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... killing people? Surrounding churches while screaming and carrying torches? Dousing people with kerosene and threatening to light them?


Well, no

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I probably shouldn't speak for Patricia, but the whole idea of using physical force to shut down a public assembly should be repugnant regardless of what is being said. The underlying concept is that in America ideas can be discussed. Sure, we've had some bad times, but in the end the extremes flame out without violence.

The antifa might have more noble goals, but in the end they are as much the thugs that the alt right is.

(And yes, to be clear, peaceful protesters that show up to shout down the Nazis are to be commended.)

All theory and no practice

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I question anyone who limits anyone else's free speech because it is something they don't like.

And I question intellectually dishonest people who create strawman arguments like this. Or, if you prefer, I'll give you the benefit of the doubt and say that you're genuinely ignorant, in which case you might want to read this. Then come back and tell us about all the free speech that antifa limited.

Look at it this way

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Our grandparents and great-grandparents, that Greatest Generation we heard so much about: They were the first Antifa. And they didn't free Europe through afternoon tea and conversation. Also, the Communists helped.

Why don't these nazis rally

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Why don't these nazis rally in rural New Hampshire where a lot of them are from? For people who hate liberals they sure do seem to spend a lot of time in liberal cities and college campuses.

so they finally answered

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right adam?

Honestly good idea.. not a fan of making accommodations for Nazi's but for the family who is from out of town and has no idea what Saturday will be like... it's for the best. Let's keep people safe first.


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Still have never talked to anybody in the park department (about anything, really, at least not in the past couple of years). The folks who actually run Frog Pond tweeted it out.

Gun Laws

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The Nazis better do their research on Boston/MA gun laws before coming up here. They're in for a big surprise if they think they can wave rifles around or concealed carry.

I have a theory...

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...just a theory, mind you, that BPD and other agencies will be looking for that very thing. And if they see it, I have another theory that they'll have a line of prison buses stretching all the way around the Public Garden, and that will be the end of that happy horseshit.

Good chance for Boston to

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Good chance for Boston to show the country it isn't the most racist city in America after all. I'm surprised how often I hear that.

It's important to protect free speech, even the speech you don't agree with. That said, I just can't see this escalating to the same level as Charlottesville this past weekend either in number of people who attend or the level of violence it rose too. Boston is better than that. It would be good to see how many of the keyboard warriors who spew their nonsense show up though.

This one always perplexes me

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Maybe most racist north of Mason Dixon line, but there is a whole village worth of cities with 3x the bad history since the civil war. How did Boston win the most racist award. Larry Bird? Yawkey? Sports teams apparently drive our history?

Yes, sports are part of it

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Not Bird, but Yawkey (there's a reason Jackie Robinson signed with the Dodgers). Don't forget Dee Brown in Wellesley.

But, really, you don't know why else Boston might have gotten its reputation? Try Googling, oh, "Boston busing 1974" or "Ted Landsmark" and see what pops up.

Whether we still deserve our reputation is another question, but the history is there and it's hardly been hidden away.