Red Line being a real bear; delays on it now severe

The MBTA reports the dreaded "severe" delays on the Red Line due to a train that gasped its last at Porter Square.



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delays delays delays

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What's that 5 red line delays in the last 24 hours? I guess the MBTA is just trying to prepare us for winter.

1- Signal problems at Braintree last night
2 - Signal problems at Davis last night
3 - Dead train at Alewife
4 - Signal problems at Quincy Center
5 - Dead train at Porter

World class city alright!


Don't forget the

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Deafening Unearthly shriek occasioned on the Red Line from Alewife to HArvard Square....Sounds Like the Last Judgement if the Horn was Blown Off Key and Loud...

Ah, but you should of heard it

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when right after they rebuilt the station back in 1983. You think it is loud now, lol, back in the 80s it would make your teeth grate. Now it is only a faint murmur of the horror that it was.

Yup, I am finally

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walking at 5 miles plus round trip each day, to and from work from South Station to Kendall Square and reverse, because the Red Line sucks lemons. Really enjoying it, getting some much needed exercise and the Boston skyline at night from the Longfellow Bridge is breathtaking.

Our subway system is such an embarrassment.


Ditto for biking

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Last year, I stopped biking to work when it got dark and cold, and hated every day on the T. I started riding again in March when the clocks changed. This year, I'm still biking to work, and people ask me when I'm going to stop for the winter. I say, "Whenever it's less pleasant than a day on the Red Line." We'll see what February is like, but I'm definitely loving me this late fall weather so far. I used to love the T and really enjoy riding it, but now that I've seen how much better a pedal commute is, I can't go back.

Rhyme time?

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My tenth-grade English teacher called this an "approximate eye rhyme." He said that you needed a poetic license to use it.

Red line now something to fear . . .?
Red line delays now appear to be very severe?

(Not a licensed poet, either; just a curmudgeon.)


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You might be overlooking Adam's subtle grasp of how some locals inflect vowels in our beloved accent. This rhymes for many people. Cf. "baby wheel"