Request to Boston Harbor boaters: Stop being such slobs

The Waller family, which owns and is renovating the Graves Light lighthouse, reports this morning:

Lots of trash floating past Graves Ledge. Most, like cans and wrappers, look like they were dumped by thoughtless boaters.



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      Sad but great link

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      Sad.. I bet alot of it comes from land itself... wind-swept trash along the water goes somewhere. One trash starts to gather together in the water tends to stays together, like a blob of trash.

      But fascinating link. I forgot the lighthouse was sold to a private owner and it was being restored. Thanks

      You would be surprised

      My husband's cousin was a harbormaster on the south shore for a while, and one of her duties was to bust people dumping crap into the water when they reached their moorings. Seems that massholes on land who can't carry their trash or keep a bag in their car are also massholes on the water.

      King tide

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      When you have an extraordinary high tide, like we had this week, a lot of flotsam and jetson which lies above the normal high water mark gets washed out with the outgoing tide. Still, people are slobs, boaters and landlubbers, for throwing trash around which eventually makes it into the ocean.


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      How does one determine if trash came from boats or land? Sure, things go overboard sometimes. That's why you keep a net on the boat. I'll bet some of it came from boaters, but certainly not all. The really high tides have been washing a lot of junk (and treasures) up.

      Things are thrown overboard

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      by folks who don't give a sh*t. They just don't "go" overboard by their own accord.

      I don't know about you but I don't see too make folks throwing things into the Harbor from land (when I walk around that area). So if one has to make an assumption (and the person making the assumption probably knows more about where this trash comes from, boat or land, than you or I), I would say illegal dumping is probably the root cause of most the trash.

      You actually proved the point when you mentioned the tides washing the junk up on shore. Most of that crap is mostly from boaters. So I am not sure why you think this is ridiculous.


      can blow lightweight stuff off the deck and into the water below.

      You're kidding, right?

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      I don't know about you, but I don't see too many people throwing things from their boats(not saying it doesn't happen at all, but it isn't rampant) . It wouldn't be worth it, at all. I'm sure none of the trash is blown into the water from land, What a crazy thought.

      I don't need to go on a kayak to know about trash.

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      Are you talking about Trash in the water, or people throwing trash in the water from boats? I'm not denying that there is trash in the water. I want to know how the Grave's Light guy knows it's from boaters.

      People drink on boats

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      And do you know how they get rid of all the empties in case the Coadt Guard wants to board your vessel? You fill the empty with seawater and let it float down to Davy Jones locker.

      Total BS

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      What kind of an a-hole would do that? No one cares about empty beer cans, how could the CG prove when someone drank the beer? The CG cares if the person operating the vessel is drinking. They don't board you and ask to see empties.

      Massholes Ahoy!

      Do you really expect anyone to believe that the people who hurl trash aside while walking, biking, and driving don't also do so when boating?

      Why are you so defensive about this? It happens. I've seen it. It isn't all boater trash, but, again, massholes are everywhere.

      I fully expect you to tell me that there are no drivers on Rt. 3 who would ever do such a thing, either.

      Foolish for lighthouse guy to solely blame boaters.

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      I never said none of the trash in the harbor is from boaters. I said I'd like to know how the Grave's Light owner is able to differentiate trash originating from land or boaters.
      People are jumping into the comments with cockamamie theories. Like how did all of the sunken beer cans make it to The Graves? AGAIN, there is certainly trash from boaters, how did Graves guy differentiate?

      "Do you really expect anyone

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      "Do you really expect anyone to believe that the people who hurl trash aside while walking, biking, and driving don't also do so when boating?"
      Remember this next time the car vs bike bs pedestrian argument comes up!

      I just don't think prudent mariners would risk the up to $300,000 fine/ jail time for throwing some trash overboard. Then again there many who aren't prudent and some are just plain ignorant, or don't care.

      True, many beach-goers are shameless litterers

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      Saw some teens that looked fairly well-mannered at Nantasket last weekend.

      They were on the boardwalk eating from the ice cream stand and when they left just left everything on the wall. Wrappers, napkins, etc. just walked away.

      I was heading home the same way they went so I walked behind them. Proceeded to leave water bottles and anything else behind them without a care in the world. With trash barrels everywhere. Truly obnoxious.

      Some people are just animals-m they're going to throw trash out their doors in parking lots, out their windows while driving and certainly out of boats when they're in them.

      I'd like to see draconian laws enacted and enforced to remedy this. I'm talking chain gangs for months for 1 littering offense.

      They'll never change on their own. Savages that need to be treated as such. Throw the book at them.