It's curtains for Roslindale Square upholstery shop; to make way for residential units

Brayton's in Roslindale Square

The Board of Appeal today approved builder Anthony Ruscito's plans to tear down Brayton's Custom Upholstery, 4281 Washington St., to make way for a four-story, 12-unit apartment building with 12 parking spaces on the first floor.

The existing oil-change place, also listed at 4281 Washington St., will remain.



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Why on earth would they not redevelop the entire parcel? In fact, why not throw the bottle redemption center into the mix as well? Seem like an incredibly missed opportunity to create much needed housing on land that is currently significantly under utilized.


That whole stretch from the Copley Tax building to (and including) the B of A parking lot is ripe for redevelopment.

My impossible pipe-dream for

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My impossible pipe-dream for the BoA lot (and all those parking lots stretching up to Belgrade) is they turn into a busses only lane to relieve congestion and improve transit access by moving them off Corinth. Never going to happen but a girl can dream while stuck in other people's car traffic every single day.

You can always dream

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Back in the 1970s there was a plan floated to basically widen South Street and Belgrade to make that the "bypass" of Corinth Street. Honestly, I'm glad the plan died quickly.

upholstered my footstool

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Several years ago. Still looks great. The guy was a bit of a character, but did a great job.

How can I ...

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Anyone know who to contact about the owner before tear down? I'd be interested in the upholstery tools....


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We need more housing than we need a somewhat dormant furniture restorer. I'd also guess that the people who own that business are pretty happy to cash out their property and retire but you'd rather they just work forever? I don't think the furniture re-upholstery business spins off a ton of cash to build a retirement nest egg.