Wellesley intrigue: Who's overwatering the town's public flower boxes?

Somebody who doesn't appear to be a member of the Wellesley Gardeners' Guild is going around watering the public flower boxes around the post offices in Wellesley Square and Wellesley Hills before guild members can - and is killing the plants through overwatering. Deb Brown reports.

I’ve been scheduled for duty for the past week, and when I showed up only to find that someone had gotten there before me, soaking the drought-resistant plants within an inch of their lives, it put my anxiety level through the roof, let me tell you. Some of plants had actually given up, drowned - blub, blub, blub - by too much of a good thing.

I did what any panicked garden club member would do. I emailed that most august of garden club figures, the Chair of Civic Improvements of the Post Offices.



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      At least they have people who

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      At least they have people who care about beautifying their surroundings. I walked out of my place down to Forest Hills Station this morning and the only flowers I saw were sprouting from weeds next to the court house. Then, before I got to the station, I must have picked up at least 8 nip bottles and threw them in the trash. It doesn't take money to pick up trash and make things a little prettier just like Wellesley.

      Know what would fix that?

      Deposits on nips. Oh wait, the morons who populate this state voted 70% against expanded bottle deposits in 2014.

      Why do we vote like complete jerkoffs on initiative petition questions? We also shut down right to die, dog racing (Wonderland called Grey2K's accusations lies, so one of them is lying), and even buying a frickin' beer at the grocery store.

      So you're trying to

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      Say Mattapan Sq is a shit hole solely because of a failed ballot measure...

      Please explain all the fast food waste, cigg packs and soda bottles?

      If you forgot to take your meds today, thats also a valid response.

      Was that the bottled water expansion?

      "Oh wait, the morons who populate this state voted 70% against expanded bottle deposits in 2014."
      Here's the text:

      Way more than just nips. It would cover that sacred container of 'just plain water', that is currently exempt.
      I have it on good authority from those that voted against it, "We don't litter".

      Waiting for 13 year old adhominenonymous hit kid in 3...2...1...
      I just hope you solved your shift key sticking problem.


      Waiting for 13 year old adhominenonymous hit kid in 3...2...1...
      I just hope you solved your shift key sticking problem.

      This ain't 4Chan.

      I never!

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      And encourage drinking!?

      OK, to be fair ...

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      I first met Deb a long time ago (her husband was my first boss at my former job) and so I know it helps to read this piece picturing a writer with tongue planted in cheek (I mean, I'm sure the problem is real, but re-read the piece with that thought in mind).

      No, I got it

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      She is a good enough writer to make it clear that she's self-aware when writing something like this...but over 1,000 words on overwatered flowers?


      Also, "Gardeners' Guild"? That wasn't fluffery for the piece. The plaque on the flowerbox in the photo actually says that.

      I don't see the problem with

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      I don't see the problem with the use of the words Gardeners Guild, it sounds quaint and nice and I sure do wish we had a guild where I live dedicated to volunteering for such causes.

      Many of my neighbors see areas that have nicer things and just assume the city and town pays for it. When in reality even in wealthy towns it often falls on to volunteers who go in and do it. Of course those volunteers have the luxury of extra time and may get some city resources to assist them but they are still putting the work in themselves.

      Christopher Columbus Park....

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      ....is a good example of that - most of the work to keep it up is done by a private, volunteer association......

      Most of the decent parks are like that

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      Don't get me wrong, the parks dept are miracle workers with what they do on their budget. But the city has systematically starved parks because they know private people will step up with money to care for the parks while the city spends the money to maintain annual raises and benefits. This is not an accident. Menino did it even more than Walsh.

      You know, most cities around

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      You know, most cities around here have a gardeners' guild or garden club of some sort. Even Brockton. Who do you think installs and maintains those flowers ? Taxpayers usually won't. The gardeners' guild deserves to be proud of what they do.


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      You do you.

      I'm just having a laugh at the name. Everyone's got a hobby, man.

      Those are her babies

      And someone is killing them.

      She's putting her time and effort into these flowers, give her a break.

      I hear black people like flowers, too.

      'Nuff said

      Small world.

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      I hope that Bob's search is either over or going well. That was a tough break.

      I like the swellesley report because: (1) their writing is entertaining; and (2) it reminds me that notwithstanding a sometimes warranted stereotype to the contrary, there are a considerable number of grounded people in town.

      FYI, volunteering in your

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      FYI, volunteering in your area with plantings of trees and flowers benefits everyone. Some of us love it and gladly volunteer our time.

      Yes it is upsetting to find someone killing your plants with kindness, but killing them all the same.

      I belong to my local garden club and we are by no means one of the wealthy towns. What I've noticed though, the garden clubs of the Weston's and Wellesley's are all filled people who find joy in getting their hands dirty, just like me!

      (Also, I don't tend to criticize someone just because they are from a certain town, or we could be here all day)

      Sounds like...

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      The tree ninja has a new modus operandi. Instead of those blitz attacks the long con they're after.

      Get a piece of white cardboard.

      Write a nice message on it thanking them for their help. Ask them to coordinate with the "Chair of Civic Improvements of the Post Offices."

      Hey, problem solved.

      Oh good Lord no

      Certainly not on white cardboard. Maybe the Society for Signage, Symbols and Signalling could find them a discount on something in a nice mahogany with gilt lettering.


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      I feel like this might be someone who has every good intention, thinks they're helping but doesn't quite understand how watering works. If that's the case it's kind of sad.

      Because these youths of today don't seem to be very hip to the deliberate overwatering pranks.

      Simple solution

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      round up all the neurotic obsessive compulsives in Swellsley. I'm sure there's no shortage.