Chinatown residents warned of scam calls from somebody claiming to be from the Chinese embassy

Sampan reports the calls, in which people are told to enter their credit-card numbers, have gotten so bad that somebody from the Chinese embassy in New York came to Boston on Saturday for a meeting to alert residents that the embassy never asks for personal information over the phone.





Wow, a friend and I both

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Wow, a friend and I both received these calls a couple weeks ago. He got a voicemail (in Chinese), but I did not. I guess good news for those who don't habla chino.

Same here

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Caller ID said it was a call from an embassy, but I don't speak any Chinese at all.

I did, too

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I got a call last week and then then just this morning.

got this twice last week

Didn't bother to listen all the way through the voicemail because, really, why. But judging by the response here, seems like they did a good job blanketing the area.

The one thought I had when I saw it is that, because I was one of the federal employees whose private info ended up being hacked into by the Chinese, maybe they were fishing for some sort of info.


Likewise last week. I never answer calls if I don't recognize the #, but an online search yielded reports of the Chinese embassy/consulate connection, though there was some suggestion that the real number was spoofed?


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Most countries have two embassies in the US: One in Washington and one in New York for the UN.

This seems like a

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This seems like a particularly coldhearted scam, given how anxious people probably are in the current moment to make sure they stay on top of anything related to their immigration status.