Pay $10.99 and have Howie Carr stare at you every day from a kitchen cabinet

John Carroll ponders coffee, selling for $10.99 a bag, that features Howie Carr's rictus on the front.


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This makes no sense whatsoever...

How on Earth can all white coffee beans taste good?

Howie obviously realizing that the fun is over for him soon at the Herald and with Trump on the ropes, the Cap'n may have to start working for a living soon.

Anyone looking to hire a lipo suctioned racist toady with a nose as brown as chocolate from having it stuck up Trump's ass all day?

Didn't think so.

I notice Howie was conspicuously missing from all those disgusting tributes to the Herald that the local media puked out when the death of that racist rag was announced. Wonder why?


Nah, I prefer Larry Elder.

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Nah, I prefer Larry Elder. Love his show. But as a lover of coffee, I will try Howie's new brew.

I know a guy that knows a guy.

I have it on good, although secondhand, authority that the best out there, for the money (that counts) is Mickey D's coffee. They shop as best as they can for the money, or whatever, and it's good.

And it is.

If Howie's smart, he'll go for real quality. I'll try it, I'm not prejudging the coffee like some narrow minded shallow individuals here who are specious and anonymous cowards.

2 fallacies there...

One, Howie is not smart. He's the radio equivalent of Eastie's own "Hot Gus" who was an annoying old Pete who would sell hot tchotkes table to table at Jeveli's when I was a kid. When he wasn't complaining about the moulinyan. Like Howie, a cheap racist hustler.

Two, I'm not anonymous and I'll judge that racist low rent cheap ass lapdog to traitors all day long. Fuck him and his coffee. Think it's "fair trade" coffee from the scumbag who lists Latino offenders weekly on his radio show while playing a car horn version of "La Cucaracha"?

If those pussies at the Globe really wanted to address the systemic racism in this city, they would have stopped bemoaning the eventual loss of the Herald and asked for that piece of shit Carr to be the first to be let go.

Larry Elder

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As of last night the station that carried Larry Elder has been playing some godawful Portugese music.

So many questions

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For a guy that has been heard to promote a hair transplant clinic as a sponsor, with himself as "also a client," doesn't Howie look cue-ballish on that label? Or maybe that's not even his picture, because it looks better than his pic on the Herald site.

And, as silly as the product sounds, how can it be any worse than Dunkin Donuts coffee? I may never know because i won't be trying Honest Howie's. No thanks.


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Is Carr some sportball player that's worshiped by people in New Hampshire?