South Boston adult-ed program could get new facilty - and four stories of residential units

A developer has proposed replacing the Notre Dame Education Center at 200 Old Colony Ave. with a new six-story building that would include ground-floor space for the center and 55 residential units atop it.

In a letter of intent filed with the BPDA, Patrick Mahoney of Charlestown says he would provide at least 26 parking spaces, mostly in a below-ground garage served by a car elevator. The letter says the building is served by the 5, 10 and 11 bus routes and is a five-minute walk from the Andrew Square Red Line station.

Notre Dame, founded in 1992, would have 9,500 square feet of space on the ground floor deeded to it under Mahoney's proposal.

Mahoney will now follow up the letter with a more detailed set of plans. In addition to BPDA approval, Mahoney would need variances from the Board of Appeals, in part because the building sits in a manufacturing zone.

Letter of intent (693k PDF).



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Oh, for Christ's sake!!!

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Oh, for Christ's sake!!! Notre Dame moved there just a few years ago because they got pushed out (from Broadway & A Street) by a development. Now where are they supposed to go?

Well, ummm.... (must salvage

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Well, ummm.... (must salvage righteous indignation...) Where will they go during construction?

(yeah, that's it... now I'll back slowly to the door while they're all distracted by that brilliant riposte...)

Considering who they serve

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those residential units will be truly affordable right? I refer lots of my clients there; they can't afford the BRA version of affordable