Seven stabbed in brawl at Neponset Circle bar

Boston Police report a fight that broke out around 2 a.m. at Ups and Downs, 469 Neponset Ave., sent one person to Boston Medical Center and six more to Carney Hospital with stab wounds.

The most seriously injured was a bouncer, in his 40s, who was trying to break up the brawl that led to the other six stabbings, police say. He's in critical condition with life-threatening injuries. None of the other injuries are considered life threatening, police say.

The bar, known formally as Upstairs, Downstairs, has had issues with violence in the past. Police issued a citation for today's incident, which means a hearing before the Boston Licensing Board and possible penalties from a reduction in hours to revocation of its liquor license.



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I stopped in there a few

I stopped in there a few years ago with my girlfriend at the time, heading back into the city from Marina Bay, we decided to stop in there for a night cap,rather than trying to catch last call back in town, what a mistake that was. Coke in the bathrooms, brawl inside the bar, this place made the bar in Star Wars look nice . My girlfriend was so disgusted with me for taking her there, she broke up with me the next morning. Stay clear of the Pony Room!