Punks in leather and spiked Mohawks sought for smashing a bottle over some guy's head in Allston

Svitka reports an incident around 1:20 a.m. near the Silhouette Lounge in which his friend was jumped and bottled by a bunch of street toughs who may have come out of a party on Greylock Rd.





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Unverified reddit postings are now news? Must be desperate for content/karma huh?

It's 1989

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Deja vu all over again.

Not punks

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Theyre not punks. One of the kids is the singer for the Lude Boys. They're scum. They got beat up two weeks ago at a show for knocking a girl unconscious and ending the show early. They're the same kids going to the model and punching strangers.

First of all Lude Boys are

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First of all Lude Boys are punk as fuck, you clearly aren't knowledgeable of punk at all if you think otherwise. Secondly the incident with the girl being knocked out was a not intentional, as I witnessed the entirety of it. And I'm sure the singer of the Lude Boys isn't going around hitting people for the hell of it. c'mon now