Police: Bus driver punched in the head for not letting man out between stops

MBTA Transit Police report a man responded to a bus driver's refusal to let him off the bus exactly where he wanted this morning by punching the driver in the head, pushing out an emergency-exit window and jumping out.

Boston EMTs rendered aid to the driver, stopped at 700 Albany St. around 5:40 a.m. Police continue to hunt for the puncher.



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Pity the poor drivers

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Bus drivers are being beaten, spit on, taunted with slurs on a daily basis. A driver told me a few weeks ago on a bus in Roslindale a group of puks took over the bus and attacked female passengers.

This is why many people

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This is why many people continue to drive even if it presents a financial hardship.

Get Serious

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Um. Get real ok.

Drivers can only drop off people at designated stops, that's not a T thing, thats Federal Law (Safety issues).

That's no reason to punch a driver. None.

Um yeah, many people would

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Um yeah, many people would rather nearly go bankrupt to keep driving than risk riding on a bus with violent people which may harm them.

Not all bus routes

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Not all bus routes are dangerous.. notice how all of these issues happen on the south side of the city. When was the last time you heard this happen on the 69 or 101 or 111 ? never.

And in general crime on the T is very low by comparison to other transit systems.

At 5AM only driver's job at risk

The MBTA has gotten rather draconian with its policies. Here is an example where courtesy to the public could have made a positive, at little safety risk given the hour, but an inflexible rule allows drivers no discretion.

The opposite end of the scale would be having buses operated the way many cyclists do, where every rule is considered a suggestion.


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the safety risk of NOT dropping this guy off was significantly high. Instead of the off chance that this jerk might get injured, they guaranteed the bus driver DID get injured.

And also, it can't be easy to operate a bus while someone's hitting you. I'm sure he swerved, etc, and endangered others with his bus.

With recent events..

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MA really needs to enact a California Style law against retaliation against public transit workers.

In California, I think its 2000 dollar fine and/or up to 1 year in prison for assaulting a bus driver.

We really need this. badly.

Why is it different from

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Why is it different from assaulting anyone else?

Punish the people who hit bus drivers, and punish the people who hit non-bus drivers as well.

It is different because

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It is different because non-bus drivers are not in control of a BUS with PEOPLE in it. Assault on him or her is assault on all of the passengers as well.


Nice idea

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but I can see how it could be badly abused, also.

My former bus driver told me

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My former bus driver told me they used to have plexiglass, but the MBTA stopped using it because it made the drivers "unapproachable" by customers and prevented customer interaction.


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That's crazy. I ride the T all the time, and yes there are some rude ass bus drivers, but the rude passengers definitely outweigh them. Just get on the bus, pay your fare, and get off at your stop, call it a day. But no, you have some dumbasses acting like this...smh